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Care & Harvest

Harvest grass when it has reached the desired height, leave behind at least 2” of grass to continue growing for multiple harvests.

Bunch up the blades together with one hand and cut clean through them using scissors with the other hand. Grass can be juiced fresh or air dried.

Quick Facts

Wheatgrass has been used for over 5000 years. Its origins can first be traced to Egytptian and Ayurvedic medicine. It has made its way to modernity through the agricultural chemist Dr. Charles Schnabel who experimented with grasses in the 1930s.

Dr. Schnabel used the fresh wheatgrass to nurse sick livestock back to health and found much success. The results of his experiments encouraged people to use wheatgrass for their own health benefit.

Wheatgrass is a flat, coarse, green grass that is a member of the wheat family. It grows 8-10 inches tall and has a mildly sweet, green, grass-like flavor. It is considered a superfood that contains iron, calcium, amino acids, and vitamins A, C, E, K, and B. Wheatgrass is said to help boost metabolism and the immune system, and aid in digestion.

Wheatgrass is primarily used in wellness shots, juices, and smoothies for a quick boost of vitamins and minerals. It can also be dried and powdered, then added as a supplement to any dish.

Harvest to Plate Recipe

How To Cook Wheatgrass


  • 50 grams wheatgrass stems


  • Harvest and wash about 50 g. of wheat grass which should be enough to fill a small shot glass of about 50 ml (a shot of wheatgrass). 50 grams may not sound like much , but since wheatgrass stems are pretty lightweight, to collect these 50 grams you will need quite some of stems, so in the end you will have a small pile to work with.
  • Chop the grass stems into small pieces.
  • Pass the grass into the juice extractor and drink the juice immediately to enjoy all the beneficial nutrients of the plant

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