Business inquiries

Gardyn is dedicated to helping people live healthier, more fulfilling lives by growing pure, nutritious, and delicious food in their own homes with no hassle, no mess, and no pesticides. Our technology allows for anyone to grow 30 plants at once in just 2 square feet with no green thumb required. If you share a similar mission and are looking to partner, please contact us using the specific links below:

General or Corporate Inquires

Absolutely! We provide discounts on bulk orders over 5+ units with customized proposals to meet your needs. When contacting us, please include your estimated quantity, description of your company and how you would like to use Gardyn. All products sold through our corporate sales cannot be resold directly to consumers for any reason.

From giveaways to media collaborations, we love to partner with brands with a similar mission. Please contact us with description of your company and how you would like to partner.

If you want to sell Gardyns, we offer two partnership programs to actively promote our brand and earn revenue:

  1. Apply to be a Gardyn Ambassador, a program for businesses promoting Gardyn in-store with a big commission on every device sold. Apply here.
  2. Apply to be a Gardyn Affiliate, an affiliate program for digital businesses willing to promote Gardyn 100% online. Apply here.

We love partnering with schools and educators to connect more students to nature, nutrition and the science behind growing fresh, healthy greens with 95% less water, no pesticides and zero single use plastics.

Through our Gardyn Grows For Good program we are are able to work directly with philanthropic organizations in a variety of ways. Click here for more details.

Our mission

Grow healthy. Live tasty.

We believe food should be picked at the peak of freshness right in your own home, with all the nutrients intact and with minimal impact on our environment. We’re working to bring fresh, affordable food to everyone and demonstrate how growing food at home can be sustainable and delicious!