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Gardyn Product Reviews


4.8 OUT OF 5

with more than 200 reviews

Produce on beige background. Tomatoes, peppers, and lettuces.

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Man holding bunch of lettuce in front of two Gardyns

5 OUT OF 5

"Best purchase!"

“I purchased two units which I’ve had for two years and I have zero regrets. The year-round greens are delicious, the flowers brighten up the winter months and the customer service is absolutely fantastic. I wish other companies would follow Gardyn’s example.”

– wideopenseas

Woman holding child next to Gardyn Home

5 OUT OF 5

"Love my Gardyn 2.0"

“Most of the plants are growing after just 3 weeks!”

– Kathy L.

Woman tending to Gardyn

5 OUT OF 5

"The best purchase I made this year!"

“I was hesitant to buy at first but am SO glad I did. I love growing lettuce and herbs to have on hand when I’m cooking and it’s so beautiful to look at. Already thinking of buying another just for strawberries in the winter!”

– Jane

Person's hand holding a yellow bowl of greens in front of a Gardyn

5 OUT OF 5

“Grow baby grow”

“It took me a few months to finally pull the trigger on buying my Gardyn but I’m so glad I did. I don’t do well with taking care of house plants and I was worried that I would kill all the plants. To my surprise, it pretty much grows itself and I am now having a salad almost every day and also eating fresh strawberries. ”

– Charlie