Gardyn Membership

Gardyn members get 10 plant credits every month, 60% off additional plants + access to Kelby, your very own personal gardener that watches over your plants 24/7. With Gardyn membership, your Gardyn seeds are guaranteed to germinate or will be replaced for free. Click here to read more.

Select a membership option:

Best value
Two Year Harvest
Save $250
One Year Harvest
Save $60

*Savings compared to Monthly membership at $39/mo purchase in-app after setup

Membership Perks

Get 10 plant yCube credits + free shipping every month

Save more with membership

Kelby grows it all for you - no green thumb required

Kelby never takes a day off, so you can

Quick FAQs

You can grow your Gardyn with or without a membership.

With no membership, you still have access and control of your Gardyn device through the app and you can always order additional yCube plants a la carte for $4.99.

Not sure if you want a membership? You can sign up for a 30 day free-trial in the Gardyn app when you set up your device.

Non-members get basic functionality:

  • Light and watering automation

Members get access to advanced functionality and discounts on monthly yCube shipments:

  • Light and watering automation
  • Discounted shipping on one order of yCubes a month
  • Kelby, your personal AI Gardyning Assistant
  • Access to unique members-only plants
  • Vacation mode
  • Save plant growing memories with time-lapse videos

Yes! After setting up your Gardyn in the app, you can opt into a 30-day free trial of our monthly membership. You’ll get 10 free plant yCube credits and immediate access to all membership perks.

At the end of the 30 days, your membership will auto-renew for $39 per month. If you wish to cancel your auto-renewal, you can at any time in the app.

You can redeem the membership in the Gardyn app using the order ID number from your Order Confirmation email, 24 hours after receiving it.

The membership won’t start until your Gardyn connects to WiFi for the first time, so you won’t lose any prepaid time if you redeem it before setting up your Gardyn.