Gardyn Grows Beautiful Produce For You


Choose Your Produce

You get to choose the produce you want to grow and harvest in your Gardyn. Every plant is the same price, whether it’s cherry tomatoes or thyme with free shipping always included. We’ve also made it simple to order. Just go to the Gardyn app, pick your plants and hit send. The box will arrive in a few days, ready for growing.

Pop in a


Gardyn is the first plug-and-play growing solution ever created. You take the yCubes which come with the seeds through the mail and drop them in your Gardyn (just like Keurig cups). It’s like a lego system for planting. The water and nutrients automatically circulate and the plants begin their germination.


Let Kelby Grow
Food for You

Kelby is your smart Gardyning assistant that monitors plant growth. It will notify you whether the plants need more or less water or light and when it’s time to eat. Kelby can even monitor growth while you are away on vacation and ensure you have some delicious produce ready on your return. 

Water Every
Few Weeks


Gardyn is extremely efficient. Most Gardyners will only need to add water and nutrients every few weeks. Grown plants on your Gardyn may require more frequent refills depending on indoor temperature or humidity. Other than that, Kelby takes care of the growing and you can focus on the eating. Kids enjoy watching the plants grow and participating in the process.


Harvest Only What You Need

You never waste food with Gardyn because you simply take what you need. The rest of the plant keeps growing in your Gardyn until the next time you want it for a meal. The second harvest will be as fresh and delicious as the first. You don’t have to store it in your refrigerator or even wash it. Gardyn produce is always ready to eat.   

Eat and


You will be surprised at how fragrant and tasty freshly picked vegetables and berries can be. Gardyn-grown produce reminds many people of family gardens of their childhood. If you’ve never experienced the taste of freshly picked produce on your plate, you will be amazed at how different it is from store-bought food.

Gardyn Grows 30 Plants in Just Two Square Feet

Gardyn Grows 30 Plants in Just Two Square Feet

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