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We believe you have the power to create more Gardyners with your story. It’s vital to encourage others and help spread awareness of where our food comes from, what it’s made of so that we’re all a little more healthy overall.

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“Confessions of a healthy person”

The guilt of wasting food and money, and still not being satisfied with my efforts to nutritiously feed me and my family, started to drop from my thought process. Now, I simply go to my Gardyn, get what need for that particular meal and leave the rest for later.

— @Romirl92

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You will receive a Gardyn Home Kit in order for you to create an honest review of our product. Together we will decide on topic themes to discuss, media format and channels to distribute the great content developed.

YouTube is our primary focus at the moment but we will still work with incredible content creators in other channels.

To receive a free device we aim to reach creators that have an average YouTube video view of around 8,000. Saying that, we do value exceptional content creators regardless of audience size and will evaluate all applications!

We currently only sell to the United States and are focusing our efforts on creators here for the time being.

We try and get back to all applicants as quickly as possible but it may take up to a week. Please be patient.

Gardyn is built with sustainably sourced materials and only uses the highest food grade recycled plastics. All plants available in the Gardyn portfolio have gone through a rigorous testing and validation process to ensure Gardyners will have a positive growing experience. We only bring you the most delicious, nutritious, and beautiful harvests, and we’re always adding new varieties to the portfolio!