Microgreens Seed Pad Refills

Choose from seven delicious and nutritious varieties hand-picked by our plant experts, including three new varieties.

Seed Pad Refills include:

  • 5 seed packs of chosen variety
  • 5 bamboo wicks


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  • Seed Pad – 1.75″ diameter, sustainable bamboo fiber mat filled with high quality, non-GMO, organic seeds attached using a food-grade biopolymer adhesive to the recycled-paper cover paper.
  • Bamboo Wick – 5″ long, bamboo fibers

What you grow

Nutritious, tasty, hand-picked by our plant experts


Mild & Earthy

Broccoli microgreens with NEW bubble in the top left corner


Mildly Sweet & Fresh

Green Shiso

Earthy with Hints of Anise

Red Lace Mustard

Mild with a Little Spice

Lemon Basil

Lemony & Sweet


Mild and fresh


Hearty and zesty

Red Acre Cabbage

Earthy and peppery

Spicy blend

Bold and zesty

Mild blend

Flavorful, mild kick


Bold Colors, Texture

Gardyn Microgreens FAQs

Yes! And it’s easy no matter which varieties you grow. Just add water to the Gardyn Sprout Nursery, pop in a growth plate with a wick and seed pad, then top with the Nursery’s lid for harvests in as few as 7 days!

We designed the Gardyn Microgreens system to flourish in our Gardyn Sprout Nursery so you do not need a Gardyn Home device to grow fresh, nutritious Microgreens.

All you need to grow Microgreens is sunlight (or your Gardyn’s lights if you have a device!). The best location to put your Gardyn Sprout Nursery is either in direct sun by a warm window, or on your Gardyn’s lid.
Nursery hygiene is incredibly important to Microgreens, so we recommend designating your Nursery for Microgreens only. If you do choose to sprout new yCubes alongside your Microgreens, be sure to keep your Nursery clean.

Yes! The cover paper, bamboo wick, and seed pad are all fully compostable at home. You can reuse your plates and nursery with new seed pads.

take your microgreens to the next level

Baby Greens

Many of our microgreen varieties can be grown into baby greens directly on a Gardyn giving you even more options! Read our blog to learn more.

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