Gardyn Home Kit 4.0

Meet the latest generation of the Gardyn Home, designed to easily grow fresh produce, herbs and flowers using 20% more efficient LED lights, redesigned columns and more.

Includes everything to get growing:

Icon. Gardyn Home Device 4.0 on light tan background.


No tools. No hassle. No waiting. Just a quick 30-minute assembly and you’re ready to grow.


Baby sprouts will pop up in just a few days. Watch your plants grow, add plant food, and enjoy the process.


Your first harvest is here! Now harvest daily for all your meals and watch your Gardyn grow back over and over.


Starter kits are just the beginning. After your initial crop, pick seeds you love then personalize every order in the Gardyn app.

Order more plants through Gardyn app

After set up, visit the Gardyn plant store and choose from 100 different varieties.

Success guaranteed

If a plant doesn’t sprout, we will replace it for free. Just contact support - anytime.

Plant Pricing

The Gardyn app connects to your device via Wifi and allows you to customize your growing experience:

  • Set the light schedule to your lifestyle preferences
  • Manage the water schedule and monitor water level
  • Order new plants
  • Vacation mode*
  • Kelby Assist*
  • Timelapse*

*Premium membership app features. You can use the Gardyn app with or without membership

Size & Weight

24”W x 12”D x 64”H
2 sq ft footprint
20 lbs - ships in one box


2 x 40W LED lights
47kWh estimated energy use per month


Measure water level, humidity and interior temperature


2 x 5MP inward facing cameras


Line voltage | 110V – 240V
Frequency | 50-60hz
Grounded outlet power supply


Columns: Food grade, BPA-Free, FDA compliant
yCube Casings: made of tapioca-based composable plastic

Indoor Operating Requirements

Temperature | 50F to 95F
Humidity | 0% - 90% non-condensing

WiFi Connection

Requires 2.4GHz band* 802.11n wireless network. *Not compatible with 5GHz

Beautiful in every season

Gardyn Home Kit 4.0

What You'll Grow

Banana Peppers
Bi-Color Sunflower
Blush Hibiscus
Bok Choy
Bronze Arrow
Bull’s Blood
Bunching Onions
Burrito Pepper
Canna Flower
Cherry Tomato
Collard Greens
Dragon Beans
Fairytale Eggplant
Fiesta Gitana
Flashy Trout Back
Fuchsia Snapdragon
Garlic Chives
Goliath Pepper
Green Beans
Green Mustard
Green Salanova
Green Tatsoi
Holy Basil
Hon Tsai Tai
Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper
Italian Parsley
Kale Lacinato
Lemon Balm
Lemon Hot Pepper
Lime Basil
Lollo Rossa
Mini Cauliflower
Mini Eggplant
Mini Pumpkin
Mini Squash
Mini Strawberries
Monte Carlo
Perpetual Spinach
Pink Celery
Pink Petunia
Poblano Pepper
Purple Basil
Purple Beans
Purple Bok Choy
Purple Campanula
Purple Kohlrabi
Radio Calendula
Red Amaranth
Red Hibiscus
Red Marietta Marigold
Red Mustard
Red Oak Leaf Lettuce
Red Sails
Red Salad Bowl
Red Sorrel
Red Swiss Chard
Red Tatsoi
Rouge d’Hiver
Scarlet Snapdragon
Snap Peas
Stock Flower
Sweet Marjoram
Sweet Peppers
Sweet Thai Basil
Thai Eggplant
Tokyo Bekana
Wasabi Greens
White Petunia
Yellow Beans
Yellow Cherry Tomato
Redesigned columns for easier cleaning
20% more efficient LED lights
Sunrise and Sunset lighting Mode
Real-time water measurements
Limited Warranty
2 years
2 years
Grow 30 plants in 2 sq. ft.
Next Generation AI*
Patented Hybriponics Technology
30 Free Plants Included
AI-Powered Growth Assistant Kelby*
Vacation Mode*
Ultrasonic Water Sensor
Advanced Column Design
Modern vining design on column exterior

*Requires Gardyn Membership

Quick FAQs

The Gardyn app is free to download! Once you have connected your Gardyn to your WiFi network, you can adjust your Gardyn’s settings, including the automatic lighting and watering schedules, using the Gardyn app.

While membership is not required to use the app, there are many benefits to purchasing a membership. Without membership, you can still connect your Gardyn to the Gardyn app, adjust its automatic lighting and watering schedules, and read its temperature, humidity, and water level to help maintain your Gardyn.

A screenshot of the Gardyn app's Shop menu, allowing users to shop for plants and various accessories.

We understand some Gardyners want to plant their own seeds, so we have made it easier by offering seedless yCubes that you can use to add your own seeds.

Many of our Gardyners choose to plant their own seeds. You can grow berries, lettuce/greens such as spinach or butterhead, herbs, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, many pepper varieties, and some varieties of broccoli.

You can’t grow root-growing crops such as potatoes or carrots, heavier fruits and veggies such as watermelon or squash, and any fruits grown via trees (such as avocados, bananas, apples).

With Gardyn Membership:

  • 10 free yCubes / mo
  • $1.99 for additional yCubes (60% off)
  • Free shipping every month

Without Gardyn Membership:

  • $4.99 per yCube plus a flat rate shipping fee of $9.99 

Each starter set comes with 30 free yCube planters so you can start growing right away. Choose from three pre-packaged options:

Don’t worry! At Gardyn we are dedicated to your growing success.

If your yCube(s) do not germinate after 28 days, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our Customer Success team will be more than happy to get you growing again.

The pump is not loud at all and is turned on for a maximum of 20 mins to 30 mins each day in small intervals depending on your watering schedule. There is a slight vibration and you will hear a soothing sound of water flowing inside the columns.

Gardyn’s default watering schedule is 3x/day for 5 minutes each. Within the Gardyn app the schedules for both lights and water can be modified to suit your schedule! We typically recommend spacing the waterings out by at least 6 hours.

Without using the Gardyn app and without connecting to WiFi, the Gardyn will run on its default settings, which include our recommended automatic lighting and watering schedules. Before pairing your Gardyn to WiFi, these are the settings your Gardyn will operate on. While they cannot be adjusted outside of manually turning the Gardyn off and on, your plants will do just fine with the factory settings.

Our products are Imagined in the USA, Designed in Europe, and Manufactured primarily in China or Malaysia. Many of our Gardyn accessory products are manufactured in the USA.

Please know that we spend a great deal of time in our factories and have set strict guidelines and standards they must uphold to be associated with the Gardyn name. We are happy to report that we have excellent manufacturing conditions and that our facilities have passed all independent inspections to date.

The Gardyn boasts the highest quality, full-spectrum LED grow lights available in a commercial hydroponic system, and as such are well equipped to grow cannabis. Gardyners have reported using the Gardyn to grow cannabis with excellent results. However, keep in mind that growing cannabis isn’t legal everywhere, so check your local and state laws first. Gardyn does not condone growing cannabis in states where it is not legal.

Gardyn grows enough fruit, veggies, greens, and herbs to feed a family of 4 – 6 without pesticides or single-use plastic packaging. The beauty of Gardyn is you only harvest what you need and the rest of the plant keeps growing for 8 – 12 weeks. Additionally, research shows that Gardyn-grown lettuce is at least 50%+ more nutritious than organic grocery store lettuce. Lettuce loses between 30%-70% of its nutrients during transportation which takes place over several days and thousands of miles. Harvesting fresh from the Gardyn ensures you’re getting the most nutritious produce, as nature intended.

Nutrients Lost During Transport. Lettuce loses between 30%-70% of its nutrients during transportation which takes place over several days and thousands of miles. Harvesting fresh from the Gardyn ensures you're getting the most nutritious produce, as nature intended.
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Seed selection. Produce at the grocery store may look good but the initial seeds were selected for maximum yield and transportability, not nutritional value. At Gardyn, our seeds were selected by a team of plant scientists for maximum nutrition and taste to support your healthy lifestyle.
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Food waste. About 40% of conventional lettuce never makes it to your plate. Between harvesting on the farm, transportation across the country, waste on the retail shelves, it often arrives wilted at the consumers home. With Gardyn, there is no waste - eat what you want and the rest keeps growing until you're ready.
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No Pesticides. Lettuce grown outdoors requires heavy pesticide use to resist everyday pests and fungus. With Gardyn, you can enjoy pesticide-free produce with absolutely no contaminants. Better for you. Better for our planet.
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It's never been easier to get growing

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Energy Savings

Equipped with the latest LED lighting technology, Gardyn Home 4.0 consumes 20% less energy.

Easier Cleaning

New airtight seals and thicker column walls minimize biofilm buildup, which reduce the need for cleaning even further.

Sunrise / Sunset Mode

Automatic sunrise & sunset mode that gently transitions the device’s lights on and off, just like a natural outdoor setting.

Free Plant Starter
Set of Choice

Your first harvest is on us. Add to cart, then select from three 30-plant pre-packs:


Exciting new flavors in every bite


Pops of color & delightful fragrances


Unique and medicinal plants

Free plant food included

to optimize growth for all Gardyn varieties

2 Year Limited Warranty

Included with every Gardyn Home Kit 4.0 purchase

Gardyn warrants the components and all original parts of the Gardyn Home other than yCubes against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 24 months from the date of original delivery.