Gardyn verses Grocery Store Produce

Research shows that Gardyn grown lettuce is at least 50%+ more nutritious than organic grocery store lettuce

The Gardyn Difference is Simple

3rd Party Study confirms Gardyn lettuce is more nutritious

red romaine lettuce. gardyn lettuce vs. grocery store lettuce in container

Gardyn Red Leaf Lettuce or
Harris Teeter Red Romaine Lettuce

Butterhead lettuce. Gardyn vs. Harris Teeter

Gardyn Romaine Lettuce or
Trader Joe’s Romaine Lettuce

Red Leaf Lettuce. Gardyn vs. Harris Teeter

Gardyn Butterhead Lettuce or
Harris Teeter Butter Lettuce

To compare the nutritional components of lettuces (of similar/comparable varieties) grown on Gardyn to those purchased from a local grocery store. Specifically, we wanted to measure the following vitamins and minerals:
  • – Vitamins Quantified: C, A, K, Folate (B9)
  • – Minerals Quantified: Mg, Ca, P, K, Fe
  • – Carotenoids Quantified: Total, Beta-Carotene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin

The Results are Staggering

Overall, the study showed that Gardyn-grown lettuces have at least +50% more vitamins and minerals when compared to similar grocery store varieties.

Reasons Why Growing Fresh is Better

Nutrients Lost During Transport. Lettuce loses between 30%-70% of its nutrients during transportation which takes place over several days and thousands of miles. Harvesting fresh from the Gardyn ensures you're getting the most nutritious produce, as nature intended.
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Seed selection. Produce at the grocery store may look good but the initial seeds were selected for maximum yield and transportability, not nutritional value. At Gardyn, our seeds were selected by a team of plant scientists for maximum nutrition and taste to support your healthy lifestyle.
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Food waste. About 40% of conventional lettuce never makes it to your plate. Between harvesting on the farm, transportation across the country, waste on the retail shelves, it often arrives wilted at the consumers home. With Gardyn, there is no waste - eat what you want and the rest keeps growing until you're ready.
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No Pesticides. Lettuce grown outdoors requires heavy pesticide use to resist everyday pests and fungus. With Gardyn, you can enjoy pesticide-free produce with absolutely no contaminants. Better for you. Better for our planet.
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Access to Premium Fresh Produce 24/7

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Harvested at the peak of ripeness vs. harvested underripe to withstand long supply chain

Unique plant varieties selected for taste and nutrition, not transport and storage

Access to medicinal plants, rare culinary herbs, heirlooms and superfoods not found in grocery stores

No plastic bags, clamshells, stickers, ties, or rubber bands

Superior produce textures and flavors and natural beauty - from Gardyn to plate

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