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Care & Harvest

✂️ Pruning: Hibiscus has a robust root system, especially as it matures, so check the roots twice a month and trim any that are brown or extending past the yPod. Once flowers start to fade, remove them by pinching the stem below the base of the flower head. This helps the plant refocus its energy on producing the next wave of blooms. You may choose to prune back your Hibiscus to your desired height if you feel it’s too large for your liking, or if it’s reaching beyond your Gardyn’s light or is shading other plants. After the plant has a few sets of leaves, you may also prune the top of the main stem which will drive more lateral, bushier growth, but may delay the arrival of flower buds by a few weeks. This is sometimes referred to as “topping”. 


Support: We recommend using our Plant Belt to support the tall stem as it grows on your Gardyn.


🔎 Plant Health: Hibiscus leaves often turn yellow or brown, or have a bleached look, between the leaf veins or around leaf edges, but not to worry! This is normal, and your Hibiscus will continue to grow and produce multiple waves of beautiful blooms.


🌿 Harvest: Many parts of Hibiscus are edible. To use the flower petals, harvest by snipping off flowers at their individual stems, then plucking the petals from the flower head and leaving the center of the flower. To harvest the leaves, choose younger ones and enjoy them raw or cooked. To enjoy your blooms as a cut flower, harvest by cutting the flower just before it blooms, when the petals are just starting to show, and place in water- but remember these blooms only last a day!

Quick Facts

Hibiscus moscheutos is a flower native to the wetlands of southern and eastern North America. It has a variety of common names including swamp rose mallow, hardy hibiscus, and crimson-eyed rosemallow. It is believed that indigenous tribes and early settlers used hibiscus to treat external inflammation and irritation.

Red Hibiscus has large, deep burgundy to red petals with a bright yellow style in the center of the flower. Each flower blooms for one day, but new flowers will continue to open. Each plant produces 8-12 blooms in succession, then “rests” before producing the next large wave of blooms. Both the flowers and leaves are edible.

Enjoy this stunning flower any time of year on your Gardyn or in any room with the Gardyn Vase. Red Hibiscus flowers and leaves are also edible with a mild flavor that can be used to make tea.

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