Revolutionize Your Gardening with Aeroponic Towers & Grow Towers

Harvest fresh produce year-round with minimal maintenance and much less water usage with Gardyn’s Aeroponic Towers. Enjoy an incredible return on investment with up to 10x the yield of traditional soil gardening, all pesticide-free and nutrient-packed. Whether you’re interested in a hydroponic system or an aeroponic grow tower, Gardyn has you covered.

Automated Water and Light Schedule

Our aeroponic towers are engineered to use much less water compared to traditional gardening and other hydroponic systems. The automated schedule ensures efficient water and light distribution for healthy plant growth.

30 Free Plants Included

Kickstart your aeroponic growing adventure with 30 free plants, providing you with a diverse garden from the get-go.

Gardyn is revolutionizing home gardening. Our proprietary Hybriponics™ technology is a novel combination of hydroponic and aeroponic elements, all incorporated into a compact, self-sustaining design. This technology allows our vertical aeroponic tower garden system to efficiently grow up to 30 large plants in a 2 sq. ft. space, making it a leading tower growing system in the market.

Grow Lights

The integrated full-spectrum grow lights in our towers offer the optimal light levels, promoting robust and healthy growth in every plant.

Elevate Your Greens With Gardyn

We’re here to change the way food is grown and enjoyed at home — starting with drastically reducing how much work it takes to grow your crops. Our proprietary Hybriponics™ technology is built into all our Gardyn Home tower farms, presenting a novel combination of hydroponic and aeroponic elements — in one conveniently-sized, self-sustaining design. Our aeroponics tower garden is the only indoor garden system that grows up to 30 large plants in a 2 sq. ft. space, all while saving up to 95% water compared to traditional systems!

Learn more about how our aeroponic tower garden are revolutionizing modern food.

Grow Your Favorite Produce

Discover all the plants, fruits & vegetables you can grow indoor with Gardyn

The Future of Urban Produce: Grow More While Doing Less

Gardyn Home kits are your gateway to effortlessly growing fresh, nutrient-rich produce. Equipped with Kelby, your personal AI gardening assistant, these kits automate the entire gardening process. Kelby diligently monitors and adjusts the temperature, humidity, light, and nutrient levels to ensure optimal growth conditions. Set your preferences in the Gardyn app, and let Kelby manage the intricate details of your tower system.

More Plants at Your Fingertips

With Gardyn, changing or replenishing your garden is a breeze. Access our extensive plant catalog and discover a myriad of plants that you can seamlessly integrate into your hydroponic tower system.

Step-By-Step Coaching

Kelby provides clear, simple tips and instructions at every stage of the growth process. From seeding to harvesting, you’ll be able to confidently grow your own food with no hassle or frustration.

Automated Everything

Set a schedule, and Kelby will automatically provide the exact amount of water and plant food your plants need. Your smart assistant can also adjust the lights for you. This combinations ensures optimal yield and nutrient-rich produce.

Vacation Mode

Gone for a few days or weeks? Vacation Mode pauses your plants’ growth and keeps them fresh and thriving for when you come back.

Time Lapse

Build time-lapses of your plants, record them with your own comments, and share them with your friends and family. Be proud of your homegrown success!

Why Gardyn’s Aeroponic Tower?

3. Diverse Harvest: Our towers support the growth of a wide variety of produce, from fruits and veggies to herbs and microgreens, all year round.

2. Unique Design: Gardyn’s aeroponic tower system is meticulously designed to facilitate consistent and hassle-free indoor harvests without the traditional mess associated with soil.

3. Best Taste & Nutrition: Experience unparalleled taste and nutrition with produce grown in your living space using our cutting-edge vertical aeroponics technology.

Get Growing With Gardyn Today

There’s never been a better time to embrace aeroponic growing with Gardyn. Try a Gardyn Home Kit risk-free for 60 days with a full refund guarantee. With complimentary rapid shipping and a 1-year limited warranty, embark on your aeroponic growing journey today with confidence.

Grow Tasty Microgreens

Simply add water and watch your greens grow fresh from seed to harvest in as little as 7 days.

Red Sango Radish