Vertical Garden Indoor

Gardyn’s automated vertical garden indoor kits produce healthier, tastier harvests, at a fraction of the effort. No soil, no dirt, no mess. Our unique system offers the ideal conditions for all kinds of plants to thrive, and it comes housed in a stunning, modern looking tower. Discover a whole new world of organic, farm-to-table cuisine — fully grown and harvested in the comfort of your own space.

Home Gardening: Towards a healthier, greener planet

Every Gardyn vertical garden system doubles as your personal contribution towards a greener, healthier environment. Designed specifically to grow food easier and healthily, Gardyn’s vertical garden indoor kits are geared for those who want to change their approach to food and how they acquire and consume it.

The ability to grow up to 30 plants within only 2 sq.ft of space makes Gardyn’s kits an ideal and sustainable choice for urban gardeners. The systems’ closed-loop design, together with an emphasis on precision watering, reduces water consumption by 95% over traditional farming methods. We also use full-spectrum LED lights that only use as much energy as a desktop computer per year.

Grow your own with Gardyn

Vertical farming is made for the future of gardening, and Gardyn is here to make it happen. Our turnkey vertical garden systems bring sustainability, food security, and nutrition straight to your kitchen table.

Small space, big impact

With Gardyn, you can produce more with less space — a valuable advantage in urban areas. Our unique Hybriponics™ system allows you to cultivate up to 30 plants in just 2 square feet; far outpacing conventional systems that demand more than twice the surface area.

Food on demand, year round

Gardyn’s innovative indoor vertical garden provides fresh, local produce — no matter the season (or weather). Choose from over 100+ of the best vegetables, fruits, herbs, microgreens, like spring onions and cherry tomatoes. Our portfolio is constantly being updated, with new plants added every month!

Organic, clean produce

Gardyn’s vertical indoor wall gardens are free from herbicides, pesticides, or other toxic chemicals. You grow and harvest everything organically in your home, where you can control every variable. Get limitless access to fresh, nutritious produce — safe for you and your family.

Grow enough to feed a family

Go from seed to harvest in just 4-5 weeks, with up to 10x the yields of traditional methods. Even better, once harvested, your Gardyn’s plants will continue to grow for 8-12 weeks, giving you plenty more to look forward to.

Is Gardyn’s vertical indoor garden easy to use?

Gardyn’s vertical indoor planter was designed to be easy to use, requiring minimal effort, little maintenance, and no prior experience to operate. Our automated towers utilize intelligent lighting, watering, and Hybriponic™ technology to automatically manage the entire cultivation cycle. All you need is a power source and WiFi access — no water line necessary. It gets even easier with Kelby, your virtual Gardyning assistant. Get real-time notifications when it’s time to add water or plant food, adjust the lights, harvest, and more.

What makes Gardyn produce different?

Your Gardyn vertical indoor garden promises fresher, tastier, and healthier produce — all year round. Gardyn’s climate-controlled environment keeps pests and fungi away, eliminating the need for harsh pesticides and herbicides. Further, Gardyn seeds are non-GMO and sourced from organic sources. And because your produce comes straight from the source, you get superior quality without sacrificing anything in terms of flavor, nutrition, or freshness.

Imagine one easy solution to having endless access to the freshest fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs all year long. That’s the Gardyn experience. Get started on your growing adventure and explore our vertical garden indoor kits here.

Grow Tasty Microgreens Varieties

Simply add water and watch your greens grow from seed to harvest in as little as 7 days.

Red Sango Radish

Grow Your Favorite Produce

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