How does Automated Grow System simplify the process of growing plants?

Published May 23, 2023

Want to grow your own produce but need help figuring out where to begin? Maybe you live in a city where owning a garden is a luxury and buying produce is becoming increasingly expensive, especially during winter. Or maybe you just want to test your green thumb for a try?

In fact, gardening has become increasingly popular since the pandemic. Statistics show the number of households engaging in food gardening has increased by 6 million in the US in just 5 years. Unfortunately, for some people, it’s just not possible — lack of space, commitment, and weather – they can all make gardening that much harder.

Luckily, not all hope is lost! Hydroponic Kits, also known as automated grow systems, give you the ability to grow herbs, fruit, and vegetables from the comfort of your own home, in water rather than soil!

You might initially think of huge warehouses and greenhouses when picturing automatic hydroponic systems, but in reality, improved technology means you can have one in your very own home!

Imagine the exhaustive checklist of reasons deterring you from gardening. With an automated grow system, all these notions go out the window. You’ll no longer need to fit plant care into your schedule, wonder if you can’t physically garden, or if you really know how to garden. Throw away your apprehensions about gardening. This article is for you!

Keep reading to find out:

  • What is an automated home grow system;
  • Benefits of automated grow system for plants, herbs, and vegetables;
  • How to create an optimal environment for your plants with Gardyn.

What Is an Automated Hydroponic Home System

An automated hydroponic home system is an indoor farm that can be grown in areas that typically can’t grow through traditional agricultural means, such as places with low lighting, little floor space, and places where temperature and humidity would simply not suffice for certain plants. An automated hydroponic system also features:

  • Built-in LED lighting which ensures that your garden is functional and optimal all year round regardless of impractical weather conditions or unfit temperatures.
  • Sensors are also used to track pH levels, temperature, and nutrients in your plants, so whenever there’s an imbalance, your system will automatically adjust itself to fit your plants’ needs!
  • An automatic hydroponic system that recirculates water and consumes 95% less water than traditional gardening. What a small, yet impactful initiative for the environment.

Are you curious to learn which smart and automated grow box is right for your sustainable and healthy life choices? Find which Gardyn Automated Grow System Home Kit is best for you.

Benefits of Automated Growing System for Plants, Herbs, and Vegetables

Automated growing systems are not only beneficial to you, but also to the environment. From their water and nutrient-efficient system to the nutritional values of greens grown in automated grow systems, you can save money while also doing your part to help the environment! Who could ask for more?

Reducing costs and maximizing yields with a hydroponic grow kit

With an indoor hydroponic grow kit, you’ll never have to worry about a lack of space for all the plants, herbs, and vegetables you want to grow. Being vertical and using space-saving condensed designs, you can grow more plants at a higher quality than through traditional gardening. Easily gather at the table as you feast on nutrient-packed salad and other fruits and vegetables for the whole family to enjoy.

Controlling pests and diseases with an automated hydroponic system

Aphids, spider mites, root rot; all those pesky things that can easily devastate your crops. With an automated grow system, not only will you be notified of suspicious activity, but your virtual plant care assistant will also take preventative measures to avoid infestations from developing.

This can be in the form of placing your automated growth system away from windows, ensuring what you use is disinfected, or monitoring what enters its space.

And if the worst does happen, your methods of pest elimination will be far friendlier to the earth, as no pesticides or chemicals are required!

Never worry about overwatering again with a fully automated hydroponics set up

Save water instead of overwatering with your automated grow system. No skills needed! Your system will notify you if water is required, but because it recycles water, you can just let it do its thing!

They are also water and fertilizer-efficient! Reducing use of them by 40% while maximizing yields, you can save on your water bills and have longer-lasting greens every time!

And the best part is, no green thumb is required for your automated grow system, so you don’t have to worry ever about losing that batch of finicky basil again…

Healthy, organic produce from the comfort of your home with a hydroponic system

With an indoor automated grow system, you can guarantee healthier, more organic produce right in the comfort of your own home. This is because hydroponic grow systems are far more sterile, eliminating the need for pesticides and chemical fertilizers, thus leaving no chance of soil erosion or water contamination, both things that negatively impact your plants and the environment around them. Get ready for a harvest that’s far healthier, more flavorful, and packed with more vitamins and minerals.

In fact, your produce will have 100% of its nutritional value, as opposed to the industry-standard 25% for products. Forget about store-bought grocery produce! Say hello to freshly-picked fruits and veggie right from your corner space.

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Create an Optimal Environment for Your Plants with Gardyn

Ready for your Gardyning adventure? With your Gardyn Home Kit, you’ll be well equipped with tried-and-tested technology that grows the most produce within the smallest environmental footprint.

Ideal Lighting and Temperature All Year Round

Whether you’re wanting to grow leafy greens in a cooler temperature or juicy tomatoes in the warmth, your Gardyn has you covered.

On the Gardyn app, you can control your automated grow system’s temperature and humidity, so your plants can flourish from seed to harvest. If you’re unsure, your personal AI assistant Kelby can help you find out what conditions are best for your plants and give the necessary light and plant care support to ensure optimal growth!

And don’t worry if it ever seems a little confusing, your In-App Plant Book is full of in-depth information regarding how to take care of your baby plants, the best temperature and humidity for each of them, as well as their feeding schedules! Essentially, the best neighborhood nursery!

Plug-N-Play Your Plants

If you’ve ever repotted a root-bound plant in soil, you might know how finicky dealing with tangled roots are. And not to mention their effects on the plant itself. Tangled roots can result in plant stress and nutrient, air, and water deprivation. An unhappy plant means an unhappy harvest. Imagine all your hard work going to waste.

With your Gardyn’s built-in Plug-N-Play system, each plant’s roots remain independent. There’s no chance of tangling or being rootbound because the plant is hydroponic (lives in water) and sits in its own pot. Easily (un)plug your plants hassle-free, don’t worry about mess, and rest easy knowing that your plants are healthy as they can be!

No Pesticides or Chemical Fertilizers

Traditional Agriculture is notorious for its use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides strong enough to decimate birds.

Your Gardyn won’t need chemicals like these; its yCubes are composed of inorganic materials and seeds, eliminating the possibility of pests and diseases whilst being much more sustainable than traditional agricultural practices.

And it shows! Our microgreen levels reach up to 40% greater than mature plants, and your Gardyn produce will have 100% of its nutritional value, as opposed to industry standard produce which only retains 25%!

Kelby Assist

With Kelby (your personal Gardyning AI assistant), you can track everything you do with your plants, from teaching you how to pollinate flowers to water level alerts. It can even send out recipes and inspiration for your own Gardyn! Kelby will notify you when your water tank needs cleaning, and if a pesky aphid has made it onto your strawberries. No need to worry, you’ll be alerted as soon as possible.

You don’t need green thumbs in this Gardyn, Kelby coaches you on your plants from day one, and its 24/7 tracking means you don’t need to lift a finger!

Bringing your Gardyn inside will not only ensure growth from your plants, but also from you. Tending to nature can do wonders for your mental and physical health, and you’ll benefit from a flourishing green oasis which will leave you in absolute awe.

Want to experience the benefits of bringing nature indoors now? Compare our models and bring your Gardyn home today!

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