How To Succeed In Growing Water Plants Indoors?

Published May 17, 2023

Growing plants in water indoors is an innovative, mess-free way to grow your own food. While soil can be messy, it can also run the risk of being contaminated with heavy metals, mold, fungus, and insects and/or pests.

When growing water plants indoors, there are a few things to keep in mind. Most people aren’t aware that you can successfully grow plants in water, to begin with.

In fact, growing plants in water has been shown to produce healthier, more resilient plants. This is because water acts as a bioavailable mode of delivery when it comes to nutrient absorption within the plants.

Growing water plants indoors is one of the best ways to grow your own food at home successfully and during every season. In this article, we’re going to provide a blueprint to success when it comes to growing an indoor vegetable garden.

Growing Plants in Water

Whether you’re growing houseplants or edible plants, growing in water is a good option that allows you to skip the headache of using potting soil.

Water is often used as a propagation medium because it can stimulate root growth in some plants.

Hydroponic growing depends almost entirely on water, and it’s a soilless growing method that makes having an indoor veggie garden way more attainable.

Growing water plants indoors is an easy way to grow your own food even with a limited space.

Indoor gardening is an accessible option for those who don’t have access to an outdoor space. While you can grow an indoor garden in soil, it will be far messier and more challenging to get high yields.

Whereas growing water plants indoors is the best way to:

  • Get high yields;
  • Avoid the mess (of working with soil);
  • Switch to a healthier lifestyle by growing your own food!

How to Grow Plants in Water

The best way to grow plants in water is to use a hydroponics system that keeps the water clean and flowing, regulates temperatures, and delivers bioavailable nutrients directly to the plant’s root system.

When it comes to growing water plants indoors, there are a few smart green tips to know if you want to get the most out of your indoor veggie garden or keep your houseplants in water.

Light Exposure

Ensuring that your plants have adequate light exposure (direct sun or other light element) is essential for growing water plants indoors. Without proper lighting, the plants will fail to photosynthesize and will not continue to grow.

Bright indirect light is best for growing water plants indoor. However, you should look into the specific requirements of the plants you’re working with.

An added benefit of using a hydroponic smart garden system is that you never have to worry about lighting because most smart gardens are equipped with LED lights to make your life that much easier.


Depending on how you are growing water plants indoors, space is always something to keep in mind.

The best way to grow an indoor garden is to have some sort of vertical mechanism that optimizes the space you have.

Studies show that smart indoor gardens and hydroponic systems save up to 98% of space compared to traditional farming and gardening methods. Cool right?

One of the best aspects of growing water plants indoors is that you can optimize the space you have by taking advantage of vertical space. With limited arable farming land in the world, and most people living in smaller spaces, vertical hydroponic gardening is the future! Easily place your indoor plants garden in your kitchen, living room, or corner space near a window.

Temperature and Humidity

When growing water plants indoors, paying attention to temperature and humidity is crucial. Some plants prefer a more warm, humid and tropical environment, while others may develop mold and fungus in an overly humid environment.

Since the plants you are growing indoors are not in their natural environment, you have to make sure that you are regulating the temperature and humidity wherever you are growing them in your home.

For example, some plants, like jungle plants, LOVE humidity. So, these plants can benefit from having a humidifier or dish with marbles or small stones and water nearby.

Other plants need constant airflow and temperature regulation for optimal growth.

With a smart indoor hydroponics system like Gardyn’s Home Kit 3.0, you don’t have to worry about maintaining temperature and humidity levels as it has built-in sensors connected to an AI software app that moderates temperature levels and monitors your plants (plant care) for you.

Access to Clean & Purified Water

If you’re propagating plants or just growing plants in water, you have to change the water daily. Stagnant water can trap moisture in the stems and be a breeding ground for bacteria that can contaminate the glass container and stunt plant growth and production.

On the other hand, when growing water plants indoors, you have to make sure that you have constant access to clean and purified water, especially if you are growing edible plants.

It is crucial to add purified water for edible plants, as tap water is often filled with contaminants like chlorine and fluoride, and other chemicals that are ultimately not healthy to ingest and won’t produce strong, healthy plants.

Additionally, testing pH levels is vital to ensure that your plants are growing in a suitable environment for facilitating growth and healthy plants.

While water can be a bioavailable delivery method for providing nutrients to plants, if it’s not constantly in motion or monitored, it can easily house and breed bacteria.

Advantages of Growing Plants with Water

Growing vegetables certainly has its benefits, but the practice of growing water plants indoors has several benefits for garden masters looking for an alternative to traditional gardening:

Take Up Less Space

Growing water plants indoors, either in a vertical garden system or on a shelf-utilizing vertical space, will allow you to optimize the area you are working with.

Growing a vertical garden is an excellent option for people working with limited space.

Less Vulnerable to Common Pests

Since you are growing water plants indoor, insects are less likely to eat away at your plants.

Many garden pests live in dark, moist environments, which makes plants grown in soil especially susceptible to a laundry list of pests.

Furthermore, growing in water allows you to skip the pesticides, fertilizer, and toxic chemicals that have devastating impacts on ecosystems and the Earth at large.

Plants Grow Quicker and Bigger

Without using soil as the growing medium, the plants can absorb nutrients quicker and grow healthier, robust root systems that ultimately lead to large, healthy plants over a faster time frame.


Growing plants in water is significantly cheaper than other growing methods. Believe it or not, hydroponics, aquaponics, and other modalities of growing water plants indoors use significantly less water than a traditional soil garden or conventional agriculture.

Not only are you saving money, but you are reducing your environmental impact when you grow your own food indoors!

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Types of Plants that Grow in Water

There are all sorts of plants that grow in water. Whether you are talking about growing water plants indoors that usually thrive in wetland environments, houseplants, or edible plants (including plant cuttings), there are plenty of plants that thrive in water including:

What is Gardyn and How Does it Help Grow Plants Indoor?

Gardyn is on a mission to reconnect people to what food is really about. We believe that food should be:

  • Fresh;
  • Organic;
  • Nutrient-rich;
  • Tasty;
  • And easily accessible.

Gardyn aims to bridge the gap towards a more sustainable world and increase access to healthier food for all.

Organic, fresh, and healthy food should be accessible to everyone. And, it is possible to eat healthy food and grow it in a sustainable fashion. Conventional agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to climate change.

Our goal is to empower people to grow their own organic food while reclaiming their health and living a more sustainable lifestyle. Through Gardyn’s innovations in indoor plant gardens promise healthy stem growth through its use of yCube containers as well as an AI virtual assistant (Kelby) which will ensure the right water level and temperature monitoring conditions to yield healthy green leaves, a flourishing foliage, and a blossom of crops within weeks. Due to its ability to provide substantial plant growth through different seasons (winter, spring, fall), you can expect to have beautiful and bountiful harvests all throughout the year.

The current food paradigm triumphs malnourished foods, sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, flown halfway across the globe. This trajectory is neither healthy nor sustainable.

Access to fresh, nutrient-rich, healthy food can be life-changing and build a more sustainable world!

Maximizing Your Garden's Potential with Water

As mentioned earlier, water is a more bioavailable, sustainable alternative to traditional growing methods.

In order to maximize your garden’s potential with water, try to keep the following things in mind:

  • Begin by selecting the best system for you for growing water plants indoors. Does hydroponics, aquaponics, or a LECA growing medium suit your needs best?
  • Figure out the temperature and humidity requirements for your plants, and create the most hospitable environment to ensure successful, abundant plants!
  • Regularly test your water pH levels to ensure optimal health and avoid any breeding or form of bacteria or acidity.
  • Assess how much light is needed to support your plants, and be sure to feed them regularly with water-soluble nutrients.
  • Growing water plants indoors uses less water and less space while producing bigger, nutrient-rich, healthier plants.
  • Maximize the potential of both your garden and your home by taking advantage of vertical indoor gardening.

By reducing your individual environmental impact, growing your own healthy food, reclaiming your health, and saving boatloads of money in the long run, you’re on the Gardyning journey which promotes a better living that not only benefits you, but also the planet. Ready to start today and join us in living healthier and better?

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