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How To Grow Your Own Vegetables With An Indoor Aquaponics System?

Published May 17, 2023

If you’re looking for ways to reconnect with the food that nourishes you, reduce your environmental impact, and eat healthier, nutrient-rich food, then growing an indoor vegetable garden is for you!

Not only is growing vegetables with an indoor aquaponics system more sustainable, but it actually produces bigger, healthier plants than traditional gardening or farming methods!

In today’s society, many people are disconnected from where their food comes from.

Even organic produce is commonly harvested prematurely, grown in soil lacking in nutrients, and then packed into an air-conditioned boat, plane, or truck, traveling hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles to end up on the grocery store shelves in your area.

Carbon footprint is a leading cause of climate change, and growing your own produce can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Not only that, but even produce labeled organic is often lacking significantly in nutrients and minerals because of conventional farming practices that grow in depleted soils sprayed with ‘organic’ herbicides and the like.

If you’re curious to know more about indoor gardening, we’ll dive into the following to get you started:

  • How indoor aquaponics work;
  • The benefits of an indoor hydroponics system;
  • How to choose your indoor hydroponics system;
  • How Gardyn is right for you.

Reclaim your health, reduce your environmental footprint, reconnect with your food, and have so much fun in the process with an indoor aquaponics system!

How Does Indoor Aquaponics Work?

Aquaponics is a form of hydroponics, commonly involving fish. Hydroponics is a method of gardening or farming that skips growing in soil. Instead, the roots of the plants are submerged in nutrient-rich water that directly feeds the plants via their root systems.

Aquaponics is an effective system because the involvement of fish means that the fish waste is feeding vital nutrients to the plants, and in return, the plants’ roots clean the water that is recycled back into the fish tanks.

With an indoor aquaponics system, you have an entirely controlled environment, allowing you to grow food year-round effortlessly!

Commonly, a fully functional hydroponics or aquaponics system keeps the water in constant motion, recycles and repurposes the water, moderates temperatures and humidity levels, and more.

Not all indoor aquaponics systems are created equally. However, the best ones make the user experience super simple and easy, so virtually anyone can grow their own vegetables with an indoor aquaponics system.

Growing vegetables indoors, year-round, regardless of the season, has never been easier!

Gardyn has developed a technology that makes gardening indoors one of the easiest and most enjoyable pastimes while also being able to harvest incredibly delicious, nutrient-dense food for you and the whole family!

Curious to know how Gardyn’s indoor aquaponics system is leading to way to healthier and sustainable balance? See how it can work for you.

What Are The Advantages Of Aquaponics At Home?

Growing your own food at home is both an ancestral and liberatory practice!

Let’s get into all of the advantages of divesting from buying produce at big grocery stores and growing your own healthy produce!

Sustainable & Low Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of using an indoor aquaponics system is that it is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to grow your own food!

Compared to traditional farming and gardening practices, an indoor aquaponics system uses significantly less energy and water. Because hydroponic and aquaponic systems recycle and recirculate water throughout the entire system, less water is required to grow healthier plants.

This is quite surprising since the system relies almost entirely on water; however, the way it uses the water is 10x more efficient than conventional farming and gardening practices.

Plus, it requires way less labor for the gardener. Once the system is set up, it is super low maintenance, and many systems are engineered to be almost completely self-sustaining.

Higher Nutritional Value & Better Flavor

Studies show that even produce farmed organically is way less nutrient-dense than it was 100 years ago. This is due to poor soil health, monoculture farming practices, and the use of chemicals and herbicides.

Oftentimes traditionally grown organic produce is harvested too early, which doesn’t allow the plant to fully mature, which results in produce that is significantly lacking in nutrients.

When you grow your own vegetables using an indoor aquaponics system, you are in control of how much nutrients the plants are receiving, which ultimately results in healthier, tastier, nutrient-rich produce!

Plus, the plants often get all the nutrients they need from the fish waste, which requires less inputs to ensure you have big healthy plants!

Grow Fresh Produce Year Round & Save Money in the Long Run

With an indoor aquaponics system, you can have access to fresh produce year-round, regardless of the season.

Additionally, if you choose to grow aquaponically with fish involved, you have access to fish and protein year-round!

Using an indoor aquaponics system is way more cost-efficient than buying produce at the store. Paying for seeds or plants is significantly cheaper than buying mature produce that you consume only once and is flown halfway around the world to get to your local supermarket.

Plus, oftentimes, you can harvest off of one plant many times!

Not only will it cut back your grocery bill, but it will also cut the costs of traditional gardening inputs like soil, fertilizers, compost, and water!

Space Saving

Indoor aquaponics systems have been shown to save almost 98% of space compared to traditional farming methods.

You can grow way more produce in a small space than traditional gardening methods because indoor aquaponics systems utilize vertical space.

An indoor aquaponics system is ideal for people with limited space, as it allows you to optimize the space you have and grow tons of food!

Living in an apartment, or not having an outdoor space is no longer a limitation when it comes to growing plenty of fresh, healthy produce for friends and family!

How To Choose Your Indoor Aquaponics System?

There are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing the best indoor aquaponics system for you.

Size and Space Requirements

How much space you have to work with will determine what kind and size of an indoor aquaponics system will best work for your specific needs.

The best way to do this is to take measurements of the space you intend to grow in and compare those measurements to the indoor aquaponics system you are considering purchasing.


There are lots of different indoor aquaponics systems to choose from. Some are more complex and advanced than others, and some are more user-friendly and accessibly priced.

Things to consider:

  • If you are a beginner, opt for the most user-friendly, easy-to-set-up and maintain, and affordable indoor aquaponics system you can find;
  • Consider how much you want to spend on the system itself, and then consider the additional costs. Some indoor aquaponics systems come with everything you need, while others will upsell you on plants, nutrient amendments, lights, etc. It’s best to find a system that is all-inclusive and comes with everything you need to get started.

Develop a Maintenance Plan

Depending on the indoor aquaponics system that you choose, some will require more weekly maintenance than others.

Things to consider when it comes to maintaining an indoor aquaponics system:

  • Check in on how the plants are doing, ensure there are no pests or diseases plaguing the plants;
  • Check the water pH, change the water, remove any debris or buildup within the tank, etc.;
  • Check on the fish to ensure they are healthy and productive;
  • Ensure that the system is functioning as it should be, the fish are healthy, the plants are healthy, they are both receiving benefits from one another, etc.

If this all sounds like a lot to you, don’t worry!

There are systems out there that monitor all of this for you and make indoor gardening an almost hands-off experience, like Gardyn’s Home Kit 3.0.

Choosing the Right System For You

Where many people get caught up is both in choosing the right system and the set-up.

Indoor aquaponics systems can be quite complicated for a new gardener. (It can even be intimidating to more experienced gardeners!)

There is a lot to consider and many factors at stake, like the health of your harvest, and the success of your indoor growing experiment.

In fact, many indoor gardeners will get discouraged, especially if the system is set up incorrectly, which leads to a small harvest or worse- no harvest at all.

That is why it is essential to choose the easiest, user-friendly indoor aquaponics system that requires minimal setup, minimal maintenance, and a design that essentially monitors and takes care of itself.

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