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10 Easy To Grow Fruits

Published Oct 4, 2023

There are few joys in life like fresh, perfectly ripe fruit. Biting into a sun-soaked peach, slicing up a fresh tomato for Caprese salad, plucking grapes straight off the vines…these are a few of our favorite things!

But in reality, store-bought fruits are often over-priced, chemical-laden, and they can also spoil quickly. The solution? Growing your own home garden. Easier said than done, we know! But it can be done ⎯ so how do you plant easy to grow fruits at home for less fuss and less cost?

To answer that, we’ll have to get our hands dirty…figuratively and literally. Let’s dig in and discover how to build your garden, whether you have a green thumb or not.

We’ll tell you:

  • What are the easiest fruits to grow in your garden;
  • How to grow these fruits to their fullest flavor;
  • When each fruit is in season;
  • And why we trust Gardyn for the best (and beginner-friendly) approach to homegrown fruits.

Unraveling the Mystery: What is Horticultural Therapy?

Some of the best fruits that are deliciously enjoyable that we typically find outdoors can be easily cultivated indoors from the comfort of your home. Here we give you a small list of easy to grow fruits that will liven your eating and will make you come back for more.

Bushels of Berries

Starting with a classic, blueberries can be grown from early spring to late summer for peak purple ripeness. Besides a large enough hole in the ground, blueberries don’t require much ⎯ just make sure they’re planted in acidic soil.

Similarly, blackberries and raspberries are easy to grow fruits for beginners. These juicy berries are best to plant in the spring. You’ll know they’re ready to harvest when they fall right off the bushes and into your hands! What’s not to love?

Last but definitely not least: the iconic strawberry. Strawberries are super versatile ⎯ they can be planted in hanging baskets and can even grow in containers. Like most easy to grow fruits, strawberry plants still require a lot of water, and do great with monthly fertilizer to feed the berries until they’re ready to feed you!

For an even easier to grow strawberry, try Gardyn’s mini strawberries. Gardyn’s indoor system takes the trial and error out of gardening. With an AI-assisted watering and light system, Gardyn’s Home Kit 3.0 will make sure your strawberries stay at the perfect temperature and moisture levels. Learn more about how the Gardyn system works to take your easy to grow fruits.

Tasty Tomatoes (and To-mah-toes)

However you say it, we can all agree that there’s something special about a homegrown tomato. From itty-bitty cherry tomatoes to heavenly heirlooms, there are so many delicious types of these easy to grow fruits. Tomatoes grow best in full sun, and reach their prime from late spring to early summer. But what if you could have fresh, in-season tomatoes all year long, without the chemicals or faltering flavors?

One of the benefits of indoor gardens is having fresh fruit, regardless of the weather. Even during the iciest of months, you can have a ripe, red tomato growing in your very own kitchen ⎯ bursting with flavor for whatever dish you have dreamed up. Try out a membership to bring delicious cherry tomatoes into your home and your food.

Freshly-Picked Fruit Trees

Apples and cherries are two of our favorite easy to grow fruits that grow on trees. They both bloom with beautiful flowers that turn into a delicious harvest. So how do you grow an apple tree or a cherry tree?

Start by finding a fruit tree at your local nursery. Although they have some different needs, apple trees and cherry trees both want to grow in well-drained soil and need at least 6-8 hours of sunlight per day. Remember, they shouldn’t produce fruit in their first year of growth. Eventually, you’ll have an arboreal addition to your garden that provides privacy, summer shade and backyard harvesting of easy to grow fruits for years to come.

Want to keep growing? Harvest even more fresh fruits and veggies with Gardyn’s Home Kit and customizable yCubes. We can’t wait to see all the things you can plant!

Easy to Grow and Easier to Eat!

Once you’re done planting and picking your easy to grow fruits, it’s time for eating! The options are endless ⎯ turn tomatoes into a healthy salad, spicy salsa, or a pizza sauce. Apples, cherries and berries are delicious as a snack, or you can use them in a pie or fruit salad.

One of our favorite uses for flavorful fruits is making jams and jellies. Just boil fruit, sugar, and lemon juice together until it thickens. Strain or leave in the seeds, and you now have a scrumptious spread in addition to your fresh and locally-grown whole fruits. You can find more recipe ideas for every variety of easy to grow fruits and vegetables on Gardyn’s blog.

Put Yourself at Ease with Gardyn’s Easy to Grow Fruits

Let’s bring it all back to the simple pleasures and everyday joys ⎯ that’s what we’re all about. Bountiful blueberries, fresh-picked apples, color-rich tomatoes to take your 99-cent pasta to the next level (we’re getting hungry just thinking about it).

We all recognize the benefits of being at-home gardeners. But we also know that limited space or know-how can make it an overwhelming task for most of us. That’s why Gardyn is beloved by so many members, for giving them an indoor garden with easy to grow fruits that saves time and money. What else can Gardyn give?

  • An expansive indoor garden with only two square feet of floor space;
  • Smart sensors and cameras to monitor vital signs and growth;
  • AI-powered assistant gardener to help you along the way;
  • Vacation Mode to pause growth and keep your produce good while you’re gone.

And you’re not cutting any corners; your easy to grow fruits and produce will be just as fresh and tasty as they would be from an outdoor garden. With the added bonus that you can grow year-round and use 90% less water than traditional gardening. Better for the earth, better for the taste buds, and better for you and your family.

Start today and choose a membership that includes a starter set of 30 plants to grow. Get that new Gardyn up and start growing today!

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