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How do I order new plants?

In the Gardyn app after setup, you can order new plants and choose from 100+ plant varieties to personalize your Gardyn to your tastes.

  • Gardyn members receive 10 free ycube plants per month. Purchase pre-paid membership here or try the 30 day free trial in the app.
  • If you prefer to grow on your own, non-members can purchase seedless and individual plant yCubes™ a la carte starting at $4.99.  Members can always purchase additional yCubes™, beyond their 10 monthly credits, at a 60% discount.
  • We are happy to replace any yCubes that do not germinate after 28 days. You can chat here to request replacements.

As your plants grow and mature, you’ll enjoy harvesting them many times. All plants, however, come to a natural end to their life cycle. The specific timing greatly depends on the plant variety.

All lettuces and herbs, for example, eventually bolt, which is when the plant starts growing flowers and going to seed instead of growing more leaves.

Yes! If you’re looking to experiment, we recommend choosing plants that are determinate (meaning they stop growing in size at a set point) and, if you’re looking at fruiting plants, ones with smaller fruit. We offer seedless yCubes so you can experiment with ease – learn more here!

In an independent study comparing 3 lettuce varieties of Gardyn lettuce vs. grocery store lettuce, Gardyn grown lettuce showed more than 50% higher vitamin and mineral contents compared to its grocery store comparisons.

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20 Plant Set of
Grocery Staples

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Greens (13)

Green Mustard
Green Tatsoi

Monte Carlo
Red Mustard
Red Salad Bowl x 2
Red Tatsoi
Swiss Chard

Veggies (3)

Cherry Tomatoes

Sweet Peppers

Herbs (4)


Sweet Thai Basil


20 Grocery Staples included with every Starter Set


Arugula, Breen, Butterhead, Green Mustard, Kale, Monte Carlo, Red Mustard, Red Sails x 2, Rouge D’hiver, Swiss Chard, Tatsoi x 2


Cherry Tomatoes, Jalapeños, Sweet Peppers


Cilantro, Mint, Sweet Thai Basil, Thyme