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How to Purchase Membership in the Gardyn App

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Membership Benefits - Starting at $39/mo

10 New Plants Included a Month – Choose from over 20+ varieties, additional plants only $1.99. Most people will only replace about 10 plants per month so the membership is all they need. You can also add plant food as one of your items.

Kelby Gardyn Assistant – Notifies you when it is time to harvest and provides expert growing tips and alerts

Automated Growing Features – Sets light and water schedule to optimize growth and alerts you when it is time to refill the tank

Please Note, Non-members only have water scheduling automated, manual controls for lights and water, access to the plant book and can purchase plants in-app for $4.99 per yCube. Non-members also have to pay shipping and for plant food re-orders.

How to Purchase Membership in Gardyn App

1. Access your Gardyn Profile

Open the Gardyn app and hit the menu icon on the top left of the home screen. From the side menu, tap “My Profile”.

2. Choose Your Membership Plan

In My Profile, select Membership from the bottom of the screen. You will then see you current Membership status. To add a membership, tap ADD MEMBERSHIP. You will then see the three different plan options. Tap your selection and hit CONTINUE.

3. Add your Payment Details

Next, fill out your payment information. For month-to-month memberships, this is the credit card that will be used for renewals. Once complete, hit SAVE. Hit the Back in the upper left to return to the Order screen.

4. Add Billing Address

From the order screen, click Billing Address and fill in the required information. Hit the back button to return to the order screen.

5. Review Order

Once you have completed your billing and/or shipping information, please review your order details to ensure everything is correct. Once you have reviewed, hit SUBMIT ORDER.

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