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Cherry Tomatoes


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Tomatoes are low in calories and high in nutritive values. 

  • High in the antioxidant lycopene and beta carotene. 
  • Good source of insoluble fiber.
  • High in vitamin C, K, and B9 (folate).


Care & Harvest: 

Days to sprout: 7 – 21 days 

Matures in: 60 days

Taste it for: 8 – 16 weeks

  • Dwarf tomatoes are determinant varieties, meaning they will stop vegetative growth at a certain size. These require very little attention. The most important care is: remove small stems at the nodes, flower pollination and, cut the stem as needed to stop extension of the plant and keep it within the range of your Gardyn.
  • Move the plant as need be to keep it in the light.
  • The little yellow flowers produced by your plant will wilt and begin fruiting thanks to pollination. Tomatoes are naturally ”self-pollinate”, usually through wind movement or little bees. However, to ensure pollination, you can hand-pollinate or use small brush to do it. Gently shake the tomato plant by hand replicating the effects of wind, knocking the pollen down into the pistil or – gently, gently – disturb the inside of the blossom with your finger or a small brush. 
  • Tomatoes should be harvested when they are even color (no longer green on one side), the tomato should be slightly soft. Cherry tomatoes should be picked before they look ‘perfectly ripe’ or they can crack if left on the plant. To harvest, twist the tomato until it snaps off, or use garden shears or a knife.
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