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7 Easy to Grow Vegetables

Published Oct 4, 2023

Growing your own vegetables can add nutrition and flavor to your daily life while reducing costs and food waste at the grocery store. With that said, gardening also consumes plenty of time and effort.

That’s where Gardyn steps in with:

  • A simpler alternative to traditional gardening;
  • A modern and compact indoor system;
  • High-quality produce and low stress;
  • More than 100+ herbs, fruits, and vegetables to grow.

Read here to learn how Gardyn works.

Have Your Pick of Easy-to-Grow Vegetables

Whether you stick with outdoor garden beds or want to try an innovative hydroponics system, we’ll guide you through the easiest vegetables to grow at home for beginners. If you’re on a search for more ideas for beginner gardeners, you can read the Gardyn blog for starting tips and recipes.

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are easy-to-grow vegetables that scream versatility, finding a home in anything from salsas to salads. And a homegrown tomato will bring your healthy cooking to the next level. Tomatoes can be planted during the late spring, and their growing season lasts throughout spring and fall.

The fiber-rich red cherry tomatoes from Gardyn are fast-growing and super flavorful. You can plant them in your kitchen and, within two months, you’ll be enjoying fresh tomatoes on the daily.

2. Grow Lettuce and Leafy Greens

In addition to being a great superfood, leafy greens include many types of easy-to-grow vegetables. With different varieties to choose from, it’s a good idea to research what your choice needs: partial shade, raised beds, or even if they grow well in pots.

To get your Gardyn going faster, buy a membership with 30 starter plants included. You select your starter set, but they all include nutritious leafy greens and lettuce varieties ⎯ from kale and Swiss chard to a beautiful and buttery red oak leaf lettuce.

With all the options in Gardyn’s plant catalog, you’ll definitely find the easy-to-grow vegetables that complement your plate and palate.

3. Cucumbers

Even if you’re less than cool as a cucumber when it comes to gardening, this crunchy green veggie is one of our favorite easy-to-grow vegetables. Plant seeds twelve inches apart in the early spring and harvest them in the late summer. Cucumber crops require support as they grow, and you can use something like a Plant Belt to keep your young harvest healthy. After about two months, with a Gardyn yCube, your cucumbers will be ready for a delectable feast!

4. Zucchini

Zucchini is one of the best parts of the warmer weather. From zucchini flowers to bread to mouth-watering grilled veggies, you’ll be thrilled when this scrumptious summer squash starts to show its yellow blossoms.

But why wait until summer? With Gardyn, easy-to-grow vegetables will have ideal conditions year-round. The Home Kit’s AI-supported system and smart monitors will make sure your plants get exactly the right amount of water and sunlight, and Vacation Mode will keep them fresh. No need to worry about overly hot or cool weather, and your summertime squash becomes anytime squash ⎯ even in winter, spring or fall.

5. Root Vegetables

You can’t go wrong with a root vegetable. Beets for a salad (or red velvet cake)? Check. Radishes or ginger to spice up a veggie dish? Double check. Although the needs of these easy-to-grow vegetables vary, it’s always important to plant them in a raised bed and to give them full sun.

We didn’t forget about the hero of the root vegetable family; the good old potato. Although potatoes are a vegetable, they often get cooked with unhealthy oils and sugars. But harvesting easy-to-grow vegetables at home means doing things on your own terms. Go chemical-free, sow seeds directly in a backyard trench, or even grow potatoes in containers!

For container gardening, you’ll need sun, garden soil, and a large enough container. Whether you grow in a pot or in the ground, plant the seeds two to three weeks before the last frost has passed. Or, even better, learn how Gardyn simplifies your at-home vegetable gardening.

6. Green Beans

You don’t need much of a green thumb for our easy-to-grow vegetables, but it may help if you’re planning an outdoor vegetable garden. Your bush beans or pole beans must be spaced out, and you can also add a trellis so your green bean crop will thrive.

No green thumb at all? That’s okay — you can grow green bean plants (or even purple beans!) with your new Home Kit. We’ll take you through the growing process, including tips for healthy leaves and avoiding pests.

Stick with us, and you’ll see seedlings sprout up in just a couple of weeks!

7. Bell Peppers

With a rainbow range of easy-to-grow vegetables, bell peppers make for a sweet, colorful, and delicious snack or ingredient that tastes as good as they look. These peppers are simple to grow from seed and grow best from mid-summer into the early fall.

The Goliath pepper is a hybrid variety that combines a compact size with a high yield for your harvest. These peppers require a warmer temperature, which the Home Kit 3.0’s affordable LED lights can provide in any location all year long.

Grow Your Gardyn with Easy-to-Grow Vegetables

We all can envision the picturesque image of vegetable gardens ⎯ with bluebirds, butterflies, and wide-brimmed hats included. That might work for you, so enjoy taking care of your garden oasis! But for many of us, this picture can be a difficult reality among little free time in our days, a small living space, or just a simple lack of experience with gardening.

That’s why Gardyn’s mission is to provide an easier opportunity for every type of person to have fresh, local, affordable produce that can be grown in their home. You’ll have delicious, easy-to-grow vegetables year after year, and it’s better for the environment to boot. We invite you to compare our Home Kits and hear from our community of gardeners who already know and love Gardyn.

We’re pretty confident that you’ll love our approach to accessible and delicious produce ⎯ after all, once you go Gardyn, you can’t go back. So start planting today!

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