New Plant Release: Add These 4 Homegrown (and Colorful!) Varieties to Your Gardyn

Published Mar 2, 2021

The possibilities to enhance meal planning with homegrown food are endless with Gardyn. Our second installment of new plants in 2021 includes two medicinal powerhouses, a sweet yet zesty lettuce, and an earthy beet that can be enjoyed from top to bottom.

Oopsie Daisy Calendula

Our third variety of the calendula, Oopsie Daisy blooms in single and double forms, boasts white and yellow petals with orange tips. It prefers cooler temperatures and regular pruning of dead blossoms (a process called “deadheading”, which encourages perpetual blooms).

Known for its medicinal properties, this vibrant flower shines in a pretty vase among home décor and adds a dash of color to a fresh home-grown salad as the tangy petals are edible.


Another element used in Ayurvedic medicine, wheatgrass is a natural superfood containing iron, calcium, amino acids, vitamins A, C, E, K, and B. It is said to help eliminate toxins from the body, boost metabolism and immune system, and aid digestion. Perfect in wellness shots and smoothies, wheatgrass can be dried and powdered, and added as a supplement to any food.

There are health benefits of wheatgrass that are still mysterious: not all of the photo chemicals have been identified and scientists are left puzzled over how wheatgrass can be so beneficial for health.

Red Salad Bowl

Lettuce has travelled far and wide to reach North America. Harvested by the ancient Egyptians, who passed it on to the Greeks and then the Romans who brought it to Europe, adding the Red Salad Bowl variety brings color and anti-inflammatory benefits to any meal.

A little bit of sweet and spice, Red Salad Bowl gets its color from anthocyanins, which have been used as neutraceuticals for centuries. These anthocyanins provide the same health benefits they do in other red/blue vegetables, like blueberries and grapes.

Bull’s Blood Beets

The oldest beet heirloom variety in existence dating back to the 19th century Victorian era, Bull’s Blood beets were bred in the Netherlands in 1840. Adding depth to any dish, these deep red-colored beets are earthy and sweet, a flavor enriched when cooked. (PS – don’t toss the leafy tops as they are tasty and packed with vitamins A and C!)

Chock-full of antioxidants Bull’s Blood beets have anti-inflammatory and detox properties, pairing beautifully with goat cheese and citrus flavors.

How do you introduce new flavors to your family? We’d love to know!

It’s exciting to grow fresh year-round with your own personal farmer’s market! Gardyn members can order yCubes directly from the Gardyn app.

Find more info and harvest to plate recipes in the Gardyn Plant Book.

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