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Gardyn 3.0: Is It Worth It?

Published Nov 14, 2023

It’s been around the block. And then around again. The Gardyn Home Kit 3.0, hands-down our most advanced hydroponic system yet, is smarter, easier, and more efficient than ever. Like its predecessor, the Gardyn Home Kit 2.0, this is an automated, self-sustaining indoor garden that practically grows itself. But is it worth it? Of course, we’d say yes. Considering the time, energy, and money you’ll be saving in the long run, and the abundance of nutrient-dense produce growing right in your kitchen—we’d be crazy to say anything else. But don’t just take our word for it. We’re here to give you all the details and let you decide for yourself.

Keep reading to find out about:

  • What’s new in the Gardyn Home Kit 3.0;
  • How the Gardyn Home 3.0 works;
  • Why you might want the Gardyn Home 3.0;
  • Gardyn Home 3.0 pricing;
  • How the Gardyn membership works;
  • Getting support with your Gardyn.

What’s New With The Gardyn Home 3.0

Our newest home hydroponic system, the Gardyn Home 3.0, features some excellent engineering upgrades. It’s now easier to assemble (or disassemble) and clean. It’s also more durable, sustainable, and looks better than ever.

  • Quick And Easy Assembly: New plug-and-play light bars and columns click together in minutes without any tools. Get growing in minutes flat.
  • Built to Last: New triple-reinforced control board protects against water and dust. No flimsy materials here — every detail is crafted to the highest standards with lightweight, sustainable design in mind.
  • Easy Cleaning: A redesigned watering system lets you easily disconnect parts for draining and cleaning. Our new HydroBoost™ water treatment solution also helps keep things healthy, requiring less intensive cleaning on your part.
  • Contemporary Aesthetics: Featuring an upgraded sleek rubberwood lid and brushed aluminum light bars, the Gardyn Home 3.0 is an elegant piece of art that looks just as good as it works.
  • 100% Recyclable Packaging: The entire system now comes in a single box made of 100% recyclable materials. Compact and green — exactly what Gardyn was designed to be.

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How The Gardyn Home 3.0 Works

With Gardyn, you get to enjoy home-grown, delicious harvests with minimal effort. Our system brings together proprietary Hybriponics™ technology, LED lighting, and artificial intelligence to create an indoor garden that does all the hard work for you. No soil, no weeding, no guesswork. All you need is the device itself, and yCubes, which are biodegradable pods that contain the seeds and nutrients for your plants.

Simply insert the yCubes into the slots on the tower, fill the water tank, and let our system do the rest. Our smart sensors, cameras, and app handle the fussy stuff like water, light, and nutrition so you can actually enjoy gardening instead of stressing over it. Kelby, our AI gardening assistant, coaches you in plant care from day one, with 24/7 tracking and alerts. Go from seed to harvest in as little as five weeks. Harvest your plants whenever you want, and they will regrow automatically.

With the Gardyn Home 3.0, you’re free to flaunt (and reap the delicious rewards of) your green thumb-like skills — even if you don’t have any. Get yours today. Or learn more about how it works.

Benefits Of The Gardyn Home Kit 3.0

Our latest vertical hydroponic system offers unparalleled plant density, a vast plant portfolio, self-sustaining water management, and revolutionary AI assistance — all housed within an eye-catching, visually pleasing tower design. The Gardyn Home 3.0 offers a few clear advantages for aspiring indoor gardeners:

Small Space, Big Harvest

Gardyn’s revolutionary Hybriponics™ technology lets you grow up to 30 tall, vining plants in a small 2 sq ft area. This size is perfect for small apartments, kitchens, and balconies. Our propriety system ensures your plants get all the nutrition they need, producing up to double the yields of other hydroponic systems. And did we mention: no mess, no spills? Simply set up your Gardyn Home device, pop in the included yCubes, then let nature (and your Gardyn) handle the rest.

Automated Everything

At Gardyn, we’re on a mission to make healthy gardening accessible to all. Kelby, your personal AI gardening assistant, plays a big part in that. Kelby uses cameras as well as temperature and humidity sensors to monitor plant health 24/7. Set it and forget it: your AI assistant waters, provides lighting, checks each plant for signs of disease, and alerts you when something needs your attention. Kelby also provides practical tips to optimize growth at all stages of the growth cycle.

Grow Your Favorite Produce

With the Gardyn Home 3.0, you get up to 10 pounds of fresh, tasty produce each month — that’s four times as much as the average home garden. And unlike smaller hydroponic systems, Gardyn grows full-sized produce. Pick what you want to eat, from kale to strawberries and everything in between. Choose from 80+ non-GMO greens, fruits, flowers, herbs, and microgreens, all meticulously tested for exceptional flavor and nutrition. See our variety of plants available here.

Healthier Than The Farmer’s Market

Big agriculture depends on chemicals to grow crops fast, but that strips away a lot of the nutrients we need — vitamins, minerals, all the good stuff. With Gardyn, you can rest assured that your produce will ALWAYS contain 100% nutritional value. No harmful herbicides and pesticides. Fresh, too, since it’s harvested mere seconds before hitting your plate. And get this — better nutrition means better flavor: Gardyn-grown produce will always taste better.

Keeping It Clean

Sustainability has always been at the core of our products, from the design of our towers to the materials used (UV-stabilized, recyclable, BPA-free), and the growing process itself, which generates very little to no waste. Our yCubes are made of corn-based compostable plastic. Gardyn’s closed-loop water system consumes 95% less water than conventional farming methods. We use energy-efficient LED lights, using about the same amount of power as a desktop computer per year, with no harmful runoff or emissions.

Get In On The Action

Gardyn isn’t just a product, it’s a community. Join a vibrant tribe of people who’re just as pumped about growing their own food as you are. Whether you want to swap Gardyning hacks, seek advice, or share your harvest pics, you’ll find a supportive crew on the Gardyn platform and our social media community page. Find support, inspiration, and tips — we can’t wait to see how you grow!

Gardyn Home 3.0 Pricing

The Gardyn Home 3.0 is available for $899 (or for as little as $38 per month with financing). Here’s what you get for that price:

  • Our fully-automated smart vertical growing system. Includes the device itself, a tank, lid, LED lights, cameras, plant food, and other accessories.
  • A FREE 30-plant yCubes starter set (worth $150) to get you started immediately.

You can also download the Gardyn app for free! Once you’ve connected your Gardyn to WiFi, you’re in control. With just a few taps on the Gardyn app, you can customize your garden’s automatic lighting and watering schedules, order more plant yCubes, and more.

Try It And Love It — Or Your Money Back

At Gardyn, we understand that investing in a new product is a big decision. That’s why we want to make sure you feel good about your new purchase. We offer a 60-day risk-free return guarantee with your Gardyn Home 3.0. If things aren’t working out as you’d hoped, return it within two months and we’ll refund the full amount.

Gardyn Membership

A Gardyn membership allows you to get the most out of your Gardyn experience. As a member, you’ll have access to more AI-enhanced features, additional yCubes, exclusive discounts, priority support, and more.

  • Explore new flavors with 10 free yCube credits each month (Valued at $49.99), plus free shipping.
  • Save 60% on extra plant yCubes with membership. This also applies to Microgreens.
  • Get access to a variety of plants available only to Gardyn members, including hydrangeas, sunflowers, Thai eggplant, and purple beans.
  • Let Kelby, your smart AI Gardyning assistant, do everything for you. Kelby watches your plants 24/7 and automatically adjusts their water, light, and nutrients. Kelby also guides you with easy steps to care for your plants.
  • Vacations should be worry-free. Make use of vacation mode, which suspends plant growth and keeps things fresh for when you return.
  • Enjoy timelapse videos of your garden as it grows. Easily view, save, and share these memories with friends and family.
  • As a Gardyn member, you’ll get in on some exclusive deals on accessories throughout the year, plus tickets to member-only events, webinars, and more.

A two-year membership costs only $686 (or $408 for a single year). With available financing options, that shakes out to less than $1 a day. Or you can just do month-to-month for $39 — handy if you only want access for part of the year. And don’t worry, you’re not locked in. You can pause or cancel your membership anytime you want.

Do I Need A Membership To Enjoy Gardyn?

The Gardyn membership is optional. You can absolutely rock your Gardyn Home 3.0 without it and just use the free app. But for a pocketful of change a day, we’d say it’s worth trying out. You get extra features, special discounts on yCubes, exclusive plants, plus complete access to Kelby and all its useful AI-powered features.

Want to dip your toes before jumping in? No problem. Just download the app, and start your 30-day FREE trial when you set up your device. We’ll give you 10 plant yCube credits for free, and you’ll have full access to all member benefits mentioned above.

“Harvest Healing with Gardyn: Where Horticultural Therapy Blossoms, Cultivating Wellness for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit!”

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I Need Help With My Gardyn

At Gardyn, we’re committed to delivering the best experience for our customers. As soon as you purchase your Gardyn Home 3.0, we’ll be with you every step of the way. If you encounter any issues, you can contact us at for personalized assistance. Or visit our Help Center to find answers about set-up, plant care, troubleshooting, and more.

We also offer a one-year warranty against damage incurred during shipping or normal use.

Is The Gardyn Home 3.0 Worth It?

Growing your own food is the ultimate flex, and Gardyn makes it ridiculously simple. We’re talking considerably fewer resources, zero laborious effort, and absolutely no prior experience required. With everything from automated watering and fertilizing to optimized lighting, Gardyn makes it easier than ever to grow your own produce — and have tons of fun in the process.

So, is Gardyn worth it? We can’t help but say yes! If you want to grow fresh, organic produce right in your own home, the Gardyn Home 3.0 is a terrific long-term investment that pays off immediately. While we haven’t covered everything that makes the Gardyn Home 3.0 so special — we’ve been working hard to make sure it delivers on the promise of accessible homegrown produce. And we honestly think you’ll love it.

Get the freshest, healthiest produce EVER, harvested and delivered straight to your plate in mere minutes. Start growing your own meals today with the Gardyn Home Kit 3.0.

Meet the Gardyn 3.0

Set it up and watch it grow. Then harvest, eat, and repeat.​

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