5 Reasons Why Gardyn Makes a Great Gift

Published Nov 8, 2022

Finding that perfect gift doesn’t have to be a challenge – and with Gardyn, your gift is not only practical (and delicious!) but also helps create a more sustainable world to live in. Check out 5 reasons Gardyn makes a great gift for anyone on your list!

1. Gardyn makes it easier to eat more greens

While the technology behind Gardyn is complex, growing with Gardyn is simple. We hear from our customers time and time again that they’re eating more greens since owning a Gardyn. Growing produce at home year round means you always have fresh produce ready to eat. No more buying fresh greens only to have them wilt in the fridge or running to the grocery store when you’re craving a salad. Gardyn allows you to enjoy all the things you love in life and come home to fresh greens waiting for you. Plus, Did you know that eating at harvest is healthier than buying at the grocery store? Get the maximum nutrients out of your greens, it’s easy with Gardyn.

Gardyn with Family

2. It Helps The Planet

Looking for ways to make an impact on the environment? Gardyn not only helps reduce our impact on the planet but also provides you with 8-10 pounds of pesticide-free produce per month – all grown indoors and year-round. Gardyn grows 30 plants at once that you choose,  saving 95% more water when compared to traditional gardening.

3. (NEW!) Microgreens

Recently launched, Microgreens, is Gardyn’s superfood BFF, with a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals, and bioactive compounds when compared to their mature plant counterparts. 

Research has shown that growing microgreens in the presence of LED lights, such as those on your Gardyn, can enhance bioactive compounds in microgreens. These can include Flavonoids, polyphenols, carotenoids, glucosinolates, tocopherols, and certain vitamins and minerals.

Plus, Gardyn is the only flexible Microgreens system on the market that allows you to grow 1- 10 single-serving seed pads at a time. It’s fast-growing from seed to ready-to-harvest in less than 10 days!

4. Living art that brings beauty to your everyday life

Have we mentioned that Gardyn will be your next great conversation piece?  Intentionally designed for indoor use with integrated lights, Gardyn brings the beauty of nature into your home, making it a rich and grounding sanctuary. It easily becomes the most beautiful piece of art you will have in your home

The act of nurturing a plant and watching it grow provides a feeling of pride. That special someone on your gift list gets to interact as they trim, harvest, and swap in new varieties and watch with pride as their plants grow to be bright and healthy.  


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