The Benefits of Bringing Nature Inside

Published Apr 18, 2022

Open the door to the outside, and you’re greeted with fresh air. Maybe the sun is shining, slowly warming your skin.

Perhaps a cool breeze is blowing through on a summer morning. Take a step outside, and you might feel soft grass meet the soles of your feet, or maybe the bough of a cedar tree perfumes the air. Or all of the above.

Breathing in nature

We all know the feelings of serenity, calm, and connection nature gives us and how vital this is to our being. The mind slips into a meditative state, the senses wake, and beauty humbles us. 

While we can’t be outside all of the time, we can bring nature inside. 

A sunny bouquet of sunflowers

Potted plants liven a home and green-up the space. Vases of flowers and branches make display of natural elements. Christmas trees spark joy. 

Bringing nature into your home makes it a rich and grounding sanctuary. It’s also restorative and improves the quality of air. The act of nurturing a plant and watching it grow provides a feeling of pride. 

In short, it makes us happy.

A hydroponic system full of living plants

Choosing to bring a Gardyn into your home does all of the above and more. Not only is it beautiful in and of itself, the rotating plants in different stages of life add energy. You (and your housemates) get to interact as you trim, harvest, and swap in new varieties and watch with pride as your plants grow to be bright and healthy.  

Nature is a great teacher, and having a living canvas in your living room illustrates the lifecycle of plants. In the case of Gardyn, it also teaches how our food comes to be. Little ones can even reach up, pluck a strawberry, and munch on the sweet fruit while poking the green leaves.

A little girl and a Gardyn Hybripponic system

Whether you pull inside an overlooked pot from the porch, fill a pitcher full of wildflowers or add a Gardyn to your home, you can count on breathing better and deeper from now on.

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