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Celery leaves and flowers were part of the ornamental garlands in the tomb of pharaoh Tutankhamen. Beyond culinary uses, Celery seeds also been used since antiquity as medicinal remedies for pain. Contains compounds that have shown to help hypertension and exhibit neuroprotective qualities. The natural oils from celery leaves can in rare cases cause a skin rash. It is best to wear long sleeves around this plant, or wash exposed hands and arms after handling.


Care & Harvest

Days to Sprout: 14 – 30 days

Matures In: 60-196 days*

Taste it For: Single use per stalk

Celery prefers cooler temperatures. For optimal germination and growth, keep temperatures between 70-75F. Celery can handle full sun to partial shade, so place your plant near the center of your Gardyn and avoid the top or bottom corners. Harvest stalks when long enough to eat by cutting at the base- stalks can be harvested young after about 60 days after sowing, through about 7 months after sowing*. Leaves are edible too, but more commonly they are removed and the stalk used for dishes. Harvests can be refrigerated for up to two weeks, or frozen fresh for up to two months.

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