Gardyn Unveils the Next Generation of the Most Innovative Indoor Garden Yet

Published Oct 19, 2022

The fully re-engineered Gardyn Home 3.0 takes the food revolution one step further: growing produce at home and hassle-free.

BETHESDA, Md., October 19, 2022 (Newswire) – Gardyn released today the most-advanced home hydroponic system to date: Gardyn Home 3.0. It allows consumers to regain control over their food with no green thumb required thanks to AI, and embark on the journey towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.
Gardyn Home 3.0 takes Gardyn’s award-winning technology to the next level in many areas: easier to assemble and clean, more durable, and even more elegant to grow indoors:
  • PLUG-n-PLAY ASSEMBLY: The assembly process has been re-engineered. It’s now even easier with pure plug-n-play light bars and columns; no screws, no tools needed: Get growing in minutes.
  • EASY CLEANING: A fully redesigned watering system makes it a breeze to connect and disconnect the columns. HydroBoostTM maintains a healthy environment and further reduces the need for cleanings.
  • ENHANCED DURABILITY: Fully re-engineered board takes durability to the next level with a triple barrier against water and dust.
  • NEW MODERN DESIGN: Introducing Rubberwood, a beautiful high-quality hardwood lid matching the sleek dark grey of the brushed aluminum on the integrated light bars.
  • COMPACT 100%-RECYCLABLE PACKAGING: Redesigned packaging makes Gardyn Home 3.0 fit into a single box, compact and robust. 100% of the packaging is made of recyclable cardboard. Better for customers, better for the planet.
Gardyn Home 3.0 benefits from Gardyn’s technological breakthroughs introduced over the past years:
  • KELBY™: Gardyn’s advanced AI looks after the Gardyn 24/7 through multiple sensors (cameras, temperature, humidity, and water level) and provides personalized recommendations every step of the way. Kelby acts as a personal plant coach; no green thumb is required.
  • HYBRIPONICS™: This next-generation hydroponic technology offers an unparalleled density of produce by growing 30 large plants within only 2 sq. ft. It uses 95% less water.
  • OPTIMIZED FOR INDOOR: Gardyn just needs power and wifi. No water line is required. Gardyn provides plants with everything they need to thrive: perfect lighting, and precision watering with specific nutrients. Plants are pure plug-n-play: each plant’s roots are contained in a pod so they can be harvested and rearranged with no mess or risk of water spillage.
  • UNIQUE PLANT PORTFOLIO: Unlock access to incredible plant varieties, including herbs, vegetables, fruiting plants, flowers, and microgreens that have been selected for taste and nutrition, not the supply chain.
  • VACATION MODE™: Gardyn’s unique Vacation Mode pauses the growth of plants and keeps them on auto-pilot to stay fresh for up to 2 weeks.
  • OPTIMAL GROWTH: Gardyn’s latest algorithms power AI technology to boost plants’ germination and maximize growth.
  • SUSTAINABLE BEAUTY: The Gardyn Home series has been designed as a piece of natural art for any home and relies on top-quality materials, including brushed aluminum, recyclable food-grade plastics, and compostable yCubes. Sustainability is at the heart of it.

"Our goal at Gardyn is to help everyone have access to a healthier lifestyle, sustainably. Making nutritious food readily available at home is a game changer for everyone's diet. It reconnects you to nature and where your food comes from. And by growing food at home with no pesticides and no CO2 from transporting produce, we help our planet as well," says FX Rouxel.

Gardyn is a recognized pioneer in the surging homegrown food category. Gardyn was awarded Best Inventions of the Year by TIME Magazine, Sustainability Product of the Year, and Good Housekeeping’s Best Smart Home Device of the year

Gardyn Home 3.0 is available now on their website here. To learn more about Gardyn, visit or follow along on Instagram at @gardyntech.

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