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Sweet Thai Basil


A variety of Sweet Basil, Thai Basil is commonly found in Southeast Asia and boasts a slightly spicy anise flavor. Because of the intense flavor, it is sometimes called Anise Basil or Licorice Basil. Thai Basil is ubiquitous in Vietnamese and Thai cuisine and is often used in Pho, pad thai, and curry.


Care & Harvest

Days to Sprout: 5 – 10 days

Matures In: 64 days

Taste it For: 8 – 12 weeks

• Begin light harvesting after plants have become established. Cut mature leaves as needed, or harvest the entire plant.

• If harvesting the whole plant, leave 4-6″  behind to continue growth.

• Flowers are edible too and can be included in the harvest

• Do not store at a temperature less than 50°F

• For long term storage (up to 1 year), hang harvested branches to dry for 10 days before stripping the leaves.

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