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Kale is known as a ‘superfood’ for its high nutrient density and is exceptionally high in the following:

-Vitamin A, K, C.

-Magnesium, which supports healthy blood pressure, mood, sleep, and muscle strength among others.

-Antioxidants, which protect against the attack of free radicals.

-Beta-carotene, which is turned into vitamin A leading to the high vitamin A concentration. 


Care & Harvest: 

Days to sprout: 7 – 10 days

Matures in: 53 – 65 days

Taste it for: 4 – 8 weeks

  • Kale does not require any pruning. As leaves grow, they can be harvested as baby leaves which is great for fresh salad mixes. Cutting when the leaves are 2-3 inches tall will allow the plants to regrow. Once plant reaches maturity, harvest leaves as needed by cutting at the base.
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