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Fresh Food, Fresh Life, Fresh Perspective

What are you dreaming about as we head into the post-COVID summer season? 

A return to (a new) normal sounds fantastic. As part of our company culture, we have frequent conversations at Gardyn to speak transparently and discover how we’re individually planning on living healthy and tasty this summer.

It’s pretty unanimous that our team wants to be outside, travel, unplug, meet with friends, and also stay healthy. So while we’re out and about, exploring and experiencing all this world has to offer, we can rest knowing Gardyn will be waiting for us at home – equipped with Vacation Mode and always ready with fresh food when we return.

Our team, although we are all over the continent, is emerging united and purposeful with a renewed way of thinking as our fundamental habits have radically changed.

The past year has shown us the need to focus on what’s most important in our daily lives. We’re not only bouncing back, we’re bouncing forward into our new life with a better reflection of ourselves. 

We want our “new” normal to be better than the old one.

Let’s make this new world that opens to us so much better and reimagine how we treat ourselves, each other, and our planet.

Angel Schlogel, Operations Assistant at Gardyn

“Throughout this pandemic, I have not been able to partake in many activities. While I’m happy that I got a chance to learn more about myself as an individual this past year, I’m looking forward to spending more time with the people I love.

I can’t wait to see live music, sit around the dinner table with my family, and spend time having adventures with my friends.”

“I can’t wait to indulge in local food festivals with the kids and travel overseas to Greece and Japan.”

– La Nise Hagan, Head of People & Culture at Gardyn

Megan Upperman, Senior Aquisition Manager at Gardyn

“I’m most excited to explore my city again. There is a never-ending list of coffee shops I want to try and restaurants I’ve never been to.

I’m also looking forward to Pride Month festivities now that I am vaccinated. Minneapolis always has a ton of events and parties and we really missed that last year.”

“My wife and I are both fully vaccinated, so we feel more comfortable visiting our elderly family members.

We are most excited to be able to freely travel to Canada and Nicaragua once again where we have many loved ones.”

-Adam Honour, Plant Science Support Specialist at Gardyn

Laurie Caldwell, Director Of Ecommerce at Gardyn

“Our family is revving up to spend time traveling across the country. We love to browse farmer’s markets while we’re on the road to add local goodies to our on-the-go meals.

As a family, we love experimenting with new flavors and recipes while bonding in the kitchen, even if that’s roasting veggies outside on the grill.”

After living through the pandemic, our family realized how much we valued our health. My husband and I are taking a daily pact to eat healthy, one day at a time instead of adding the unnecessary stress of “dieting” to our already complicated lives.

We’re no longer willing to “get by” – instead, we want to flourish and have the energy to explore with our kids.

Elizabeth Rago, Content Strategist at Gardyn

How are you eating healthy and diving into summer?


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