Warm Winter Quiche with Feta, Chives, and Swiss Chard

With its warm, comforting egg, cheese, golden, flaky crust, and just enough greens to balance, this quiche recipe is a universal hit. Serve for brunch, lunch, or while hosting with a simple salad of Gardyn greens. Inviting and belly-warming yet light, you’ll have guests begging for seconds.

From the Gardyn Kitchen: Cooking with Tatsoi

Tatsoi is the star of this Gardyn exclusive dish from Chef Katie McCall — retaining its natural beauty and flavor to boot. With bright, fresh herbs, crunchy vegetables, salty peanuts, and a dressing that highlights classic Asian flavors — this salad is anything but ordinary.

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Use Cucumbers

Our Gardyners asked – and we listened! This month’s new plant release contained 🎉 CUCUMBERS! Sure, it’s obviously the missing link that brings an unforgettable fresh crunch to any salad, but there’s so much more you can do with the water-packed Cucumis sativus…