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Real Simple, Thrillist, The Zoe Report, and The Spa Insider Feature Some Gardyn Magic. Here’s What They Said.

Published May 12, 2020

Gardyn is getting noticed since our quiet launch a couple of months ago. First to find us was Thrillist in their roundup of indoor gardening solutions back in March. 

“If you find that hydroponic systems are your calling, you’ll also want to check out this amazing rig from Gardyn, which is set up to grow just about anything you’d want.”

Alex Robinson, Commerce Editor

Thrillist commerce editor Alex Robinson kicked off the traditional interest in gardening that comes with spring to discuss a wide variety of options for growing plants in the home. He included both food and houseplants as well as soil-based and hydroponic approaches. 

There is a lot of good information in his report and we will forgive his passing over our hybriponic designation that combines both hydroponic and aeroponic methods for growing. We were just happily surprised by the recognition and his comment that Gardyn is an “amazing rig.”

Stay-at-Home and Grow

Next up was Real Simple. Lindsay Tigar had a story about our stay-at-home / shelter-in-place national experience and suggested “there’s never been a better time to enjoy all of the benefits of indoor and outdoor gardening.” We agree!

Tigar mentioned some of many benefits of growing food at home that are central to our mission as a company, “your spirits will be lifted … you’ll feel more connected to nature … you can feed yourself.” We’d add, you can skip the grocery store because you have a produce aisle in your own home. 

“For those who are ready to create a whole salad garden inside their home, this is the way to do it. Complete with everything you need to grow 30 seeds—lettuce, veggies, herbs, and more!—it’s not only beneficial and helpful but a design piece, too.”

Lindsay Tigar

Thank you Lindsay! Yes, most people focus on the food angle because Gardyn feeds the family each day with healthy produce and herbs. However, Gardyn is also designed to be beautiful. We think of it as living art for the home with nutritional value. 

Gardening Without a Green Thumb

The Zoe Report followed a similar theme of our disrupted times and how in-home gardening can be both a hobby and a resource within arm’s reach. Yola Robert wrote, “Whether you are looking to pick up a new hobby or tired of not finding produce at the grocery store, there has never been a better time to start your own garden.” 

Unfortunately, produce shortages at the grocery store have been a recurring issue as the food supply chain has been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. Robert walks would-be gardeners first through the soil versus no-soil approaches for in-home growing and starts by correctly identifying Gardyn as a hybriponic system and quoting our own founder, FX Rouxel. 

“Gardyn has an app with built-in artificial intelligence that monitors your garden for you and even adjusts the light needed for your product to grow.”

Yola Robert

FX mentioned in the interview that light is a key variable in any indoor gardening effort and Robert picked up on that theme. The automated light controls and recommendations by our in-app gardening assistant, Kelby, helps keep the Gardyners on track. Yes, you too can successfully grow food in the home, no green thumb required. FX went on to comment:

“Gardening indoors is easier to keep pests away from your crops than in outdoor settings. You can harvest your food without ever leaving the house and severe heat or cold will not kill your plants.”

Make Mom’s Day, the Sustainable Way

Gardyn’s recent media coverage was rounded out by the good folks at The Spa Insider in their article Best Mother’s Days Gifts for 2020. We were thrilled to get on our first “best for” list and that it took less than three months since our formal launch. 

“Bring nature to Mom with this convenient indoor gardening system that allows her to sustainably grow nutritious fresh herbs, veggies, fruit, and flowers year-round from the comfort of her own home. Gardyn’s vertical hydroponic system grows all flowers and produce within just 2 square feet. No need for sunlight or a water line!”

Kamala Kirk

Ah, yes! Sustainability. We are so glad that Kamala KIrk mentioned sustainability in her commentary on Gardyn. Sustainability is a core element of Gardyn’s mission. By growing food at home, you not only feed your family, but also help reduce the environmental burdens that factory farming inflicts on our climate. Gardyners help food production become more sustainable while also receiving the personal benefits of health and convenience. 

Kirk also keys in on another Gardyn design element that is often overlooked. You can grow a lot of food in just two square feet. This means that every home, whether a New York City apartment or a suburban single family house, has room for a Gardyn and access to year-round delicious produce. 

The Value of Independent Commentary

It has been great to see so many product reviewers and media organically discover Gardyn over the past two months. We tend to focus most of our attention on Gardyners and their experiences growing food at home. However, it is always good to get an independent journalist’s viewpoint to highlight what people care about and give us new ideas to make the Gardyning experience even better. 

Let us know what you think or if you have any questions. You can connect with us by clicking the button below or reach us on Facebook and Instagram. 

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