How Starting a New Hobby adds Fulfillment

Published Mar 17, 2022

Life can get busy.

Between work, errands, commuting, and cleaning, we need something rich and enjoyable to fill us up. This is where hobbies come in. Not only do they come in all shapes and sizes, but they can also be shaped and tuned to your taste and available time. 

We need something in our days and weeks to bring us back and pull us out of the running to-do lists in our heads. Stepping away from the daily grind and into a hobby gives us a chance to engage in something we’re passionate about and bring more joy into our lives. It’s also mentally refreshing. Having a hobby has been proven to reduce stress, introduce us to new people, teach new skills, make us more patient and improve our fitness. A sense of self-mastery (another benefit) has been shown to improve confidence, boost self-esteem and contribute to a greater quality of life. 

1. Outdoor Recreation

Hiking, cycling, and swimming outside let you sink back into nature. These hobbies don’t have to be strenuous. Gardening and slowly walking on trails are gentle options. 

2. Making and Tinkering

This is where things like making miniature versions of towns, sewing cloth dolls, and repairing classic cars come in. Restoration projects, dressmaking, and 3D printing all fall into this category.

3. Enrichment

This category includes skills you want to pick up that stimulate your mind, such as learning a new language, reading, writing, or doing crosswords.

4. Collecting

Most of us know someone with an interesting collection. Maybe it’s your grandfather’s tools or your best friend’s collection of vintage copper cookware. Whatever you choose to collect, hunting for the perfect treasure is adventurous, personal, and reflective of you.

5. Social

Sometimes the most significant benefit of having a hobby is spending time socializing. Joining a dinner club, a committee at your kid’s school, or volunteering give a social boost. 

6. Creative

Creative hobbies are a great way to explore your inner self. Drawing, painting, arranging flowers, and cooking (with Gardyn plants!), are all exploratory hobbies. 

7. Physical Fitness

A great way to let out stress while building your health, Yoga, Running, Horseback riding, and sports (solo or on a team) fall into this category. 

Whatever you choose to bring into your life, we hope it adds some pleasure and joy. 

The Gardyn Team. 

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