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Gardyn Solutions: Supportive Plant Belt for Fruiting and Vining Plants

Published Mar 17, 2021

Mind your peas and cukes with the Gardyn Plant Belt, designed to give your Gardyn’s fruiting and vining plants the support they need, where they need it. Inspired by a conversation in the Gardyn Facebook Group, we’ve created a handy solution to rein in growing branches. (We :green_heart: our Gardyners!)

The plant belt adjusts so that one end can be placed around the Gardyn columns, while the other can be used to prop up any growing branches that need additional support. It is made of silicon that is both functional and seamlessly integrates with the Gardyn’s sleek aesthetic.

No need for a dedicated trellis! The Plant Belt is an elegant and efficient solution to keeping your fruiting and vining plants growing on the Gardyn.

Watch step-by-step instructions for securing the Plant Belt to your Gardyn in the video or dive into the transcript below.

Some varieties growing on your Gardyn may need additional support. Plants that grow large may flop over, and vining plants can always use extra guidance.

The Gardyn Plant Belt is the perfect accessory to help keep plants upright and perfectly positioned.

The plant belt is simple to use. First, identify the best section of the plant to support and where you want to put your strap.

There’s no right or wrong technical way to support the plant- the correct section to support is the one that positions the plant how you best see fit. We recommend positioning plants so they receive direct light without blocking or covering any other plants.

Once you know what part of the plant you want to support, identify the best column section for the plant belt to reach.

Wrap the thick section of the plant belt around the column, and insert the locking section through the rectangle hole. You may have to stretch the plant belt slightly to get it through, but this is also what makes it hold strong.

Once the belt is attached to the column, loop the thin portion of the plant belt around the part of the plant you wish to support. Insert the end of the thin section through the circle hole in the belt, and adjust the tightness as desired.

Lock the belt in place, and voila! Your plant now stands proud!

Please reach out to our team if you have any questions or concerns.

As always, Grow Healthy, Live Tasty.

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