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Gardyn makes it easy to grow fresh produce right at home


Hank's Gardyn
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Why Gardyn?

We asked Gardyners what has most surprised them about their growing experience

Hank's Gardyn
Joy's Gardyn
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Adam's Gardyn

How Easy It Is To Use

“I am impressed that Kelby seems to have a better idea of what is going on with the system and plants than I would have expected. We had planned on trying to run the system without the assistant, but I’ll admit it does seem to have its merit.” – Tom / Denver, CO

How Fast and How Much it Grows

“The Gardyn has been, by far, the best purchase I’ve made since the lockdown… I was most pleasantly surprised at how quickly the seedlings sprout, plants grow, and how bountiful the harvests have been.” – Isabel / Milwaukee, WI

Beautiful Design and Small Footprint

“The system is unobtrusive & attractive – it has a great footprint and an easy-to-live-with design. I also love that I can dim or turn off the lights and it’s fun to hear it watering.” – Kathleen / Laurelton, NJ

Quality of Harvest

“Having fresh vegetables to eat whenever we want. My husband in the past would never try different lettuces. He was strictly ‘ice berg’. Now he loves the salads I create using the variety coming from our garden.” – Marilyn / Middletown, NY

Growing With Gardyn as a Family

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"My husband can grow plants but I kill everything! For me, it’s amazing to see things grow and I don’t have to do anything, ever. The app tells me what to do…For someone who cannot grow anything, to see so much growing is amazing."

Kelby, Gardyn's Secret Weapon

Our Assistant Makes Growing an Indoor Hydroponic Garden Easy and Hassle-Free

Kelby Knows Best

Thanks to Kelby, even serial plant killers can grow a lush Gardyn. The Gardyn assistant provides you with 60+ tips and tricks to keep your plants growing fast and healthy. Kelby will tell you when you need to add more water, trim the leaves, add new plants and more! Simply follow its instructions, and you’ll have a beautiful harvest, every time.

Hassle-Free Hydroponics

Growing with Gardyn is hassle-free thanks to our automated growing features. The sensors detect the light and humidity levels of your home to adjust the water and light schedule so you’ll always have fresh produce. This means you don’t have to water your plants every day or worry about the natural light in your home changing in the fall, Gardyn has you covered. 

Kids Love Gardyn Too

"We are quite pleased with the progress our [Gardyn] has made over the past month. Our main goal of inspiring our 5 year old with it also achieved - he enjoys checking it daily!" - Hank / Orlando, FL

Health. Nature. Bonds.

Grow Healthy. Live Tasty.

Your Gardyn produces fresh fruits and vegetables that you eat at the height of their nutritional value and taste. Pure, delicious and healthy food is within arm’s reach, is enough to feed the whole family, and easily fits into a busy lifestyle.

Restore Our Natural Resources

Food grown at home reduces the byproducts of factory farming such as pesticide runoff and carbon emissions. Lower demand for factory farmed food can alleviate further damage and offer nature a chance to restore itself.

Build Bonds with Nature and Family

Growing food in your home can reestablish a human connection with nature. You see the source of your food from seedling to harvest. Kids are amazed! Eating healthy and delicious meals solidifies bonds with family and friends.

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