Fall Gardyn Planner

Published Aug 18, 2022

While Gardyn gives you the power to grow your own food year-round, timing is still important if you want to harvest with particular dates or seasons in mind. For fall Gardyn harvests, now is the best time to start planting!
Fall harvests and festivals have a significant history. Each year, fall brings a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in abundance. In the US, Thanksgiving is a much-welcomed gathering to celebrate family, friends, and food.
Purchasing locally grown produce is always wonderful, but growing your own food for holiday side dishes brings an even greater sense of satisfaction to your fall table.
Keep reading to learn the advantages of shifting to indoor growing as daylight hours wane. Plus, get our Fall Gardyn Planner below and be on your way to harvesting flavorful, homegrown food in plenty of time for fall and Thanksgiving.

Why do plants grow slowly in late fall and winter?

You may be surprised to learn that temperature is not the biggest challenge for plants in the cooler months of the year. In fact, the number of daylight hours is the biggest factor affecting plant growth. Most plants require at least 10 hours of daylight to grow well. In the Northern Hemisphere, November marks the first time daylight hours drop below this number, leading to slower growth.

The power of Gardyning

Thankfully, gardening season doesn’t have to stop when the weather cools down! Gardyn’s hydroponic growing technology makes it possible to bring bountiful harvests indoors to the comfort of your own home just steps from (or maybe even inside) your kitchen. Not only are you enjoying a variety of colors and nutrients to boost your mood and immune system, but you’re also gaining the power to grow what you want in any space, year-round.
If you’re looking to grow and prepare your own Gardyn-inspired food just in time for fall festivities and Thanksgiving, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to use this guide:
Starting with the first group of plants, begin germinating them at the first hints of autumn (September 1 for a pre-Thanksgiving harvest). Then, 3 weeks later, begin germinating the second group of plants.
By Thanksgiving, your plants will be flourishing and ready to harvest: Gardyn to table! 
Have another fall date in mind when you want to feature your homegrown food? No problem! Simply keep the 3-week germination delay between the two sets of plants, and within about 2 months, you’ll reap the same tasty rewards.
We would love to hear what you are making with your Gardyn harvests this fall! Tag us on Instagram @GardynTech 🍂

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