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Gardyn Grows For Good Update

By working with different communities around the country, we saw how Gardyns can benefit schools, shelters, and even bunnies! Fresh, nutritious food is essential for human health and well-being, and at Gardyn, it’s our mission to make it accessible and sustainable for everyone. By watching how Gardyn has helped their communities, we are able to determine how we can continue to grow G3.

Gardyner Spotlight: Tria Connell Uses Gardyn Harvests to Nourish Rescued Rabbits

When Tria Connell learned the store brought greens she fed to her rabbits could be a carrier of a deadly bunny virus called RHDV2, she was prompted to make a drastic change in the main source of their diet staple - lettuce.

Gardyner Spotlight: Randy Bezdek uses Gardyn in Alaska Pizzeria

Sourcing fresh produce for his remote Alaska restaurant proved to be a challenge until Randy Bezdek discovered Gardyn. Owner of The Hungry Robot in Fairbanks, Randy uses his Gardyn exclusively for the basil that tops piping hot pizzas from his wood-fired ovens.

Gardyner Leah Abucayan donates her bounty to solidarity fridges in Atlanta, Georgia

Delighted with the abundance of homegrown food from her Gardyn, Leah Abucayan wondered what she could do with her extra harvest of greens. A light bulb went off in her community-minded spirit. Instead of throwing out the surplus of produce, she wanted to donate the greens in creative ways to Atlanta area solidarity fridges.

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