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Boost Performance and Recovery: Discover Gardyn's Top Plants for Athletes

Including more whole plants in your diet is fantastic for overall health, but certain plants in Gardyn's portfolio go beyond – enhancing athletic performance and recovery. From fortifying against oxidative stress to regulating osmotic balance and promoting vasodilation, these unique benefits extend beyond what you typically find in your everyday produce aisle.

Gardyn 3.0: Is It Worth It?

It’s been around the block. And then around again. The Gardyn Home Kit 3.0, hands-down our most advanced hydroponic system yet, is smarter, easier, and more efficient than ever. Like its predecessor, the Gardyn Home Kit 2.0, this is an automated, self-sustaining indoor garden that practically grows itself. But is it worth it? Of course,…

How to Start a Garden From Scratch?

Starting a garden from scratch might seem like a daunting task, especially if you've never dabbled in the world of gardening before. But here's the secret: it's a journey filled with discovery, joy, and unparalleled satisfaction. Whether you dream of a lush green oasis, a colorful flower bed, or a kitchen garden bursting with fresh…

How to Choose a Grow Light?

Indoor gardening is a delightful journey of nurturing and growth, but it's the light that truly guides the way. In the vast world of indoor cultivation, the right lighting can make all the difference between a thriving garden and a struggling one. Among the myriad of lighting options, LED grow lights have emerged as a…

Can Gardening Count As Exercise?

Who would've thought that the secret to a fit and healthy lifestyle might be lurking right in your backyard or on your balcony? Beyond the joy of watching plants bloom and thrive, gardening is steadily gaining recognition as a full-body workout. It's not just about cultivating beauty; it's about molding health, strength, and well-being all…

Can Gardening Help You Burn Calories?

As if you needed another excuse to keep your green thumb busy; there’s yet another benefit to playing in the dirt — gardening burns calories. Yup, you read that right. Not only is tending to your little green space a zen pursuit, but it turns out gardening can have some major physical benefits too. You…

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