A Guide to Home Vertical Gardens

Starting a home garden is an enjoyable and rewarding hobby. But depending on where you live, you may not think a garden is possible for you. Maybe your outdoor space is too small, or the soil is too infertile, or the climate isn’t hospitable enough for plants to grow.   Fortunately, a home vertical garden […]

How does Automated Grow System simplify the process of growing plants?

Want to grow your own produce but need help figuring out where to begin? Maybe you live in a city where owning a garden is a luxury and buying produce is becoming increasingly expensive, especially during winter. Or maybe you just want to test your green thumb for a try?   In fact, gardening has […]

How to use small spaces for gardening fresh herbs, flowers and veggies at home?

Think you need a big yard to grow fresh herbs, flowers, and veggies? The world is changing our approaches to food. Hydroponic technology is growing by the moment and it demonstrates that even the tiniest spaces can produce flavorful and nutritious fruits and vegetables. Whether you’re a city slicker or a suburbanite, you deserve access […]

How do Gardyn’s vertical vegetable gardens focus on self-sustainability?

Gardyn’s vertical vegetable gardens are shifting the urban gardening landscape as we knew it. With these innovative hydroponic solutions, fresh and delicious vegetables, herbs, and fruits are grown and with a minimal footprint. Gardyn’s vertical vegetable gardens provide you with one easy and efficient way to be self-sustaining while doing your part in protecting the […]

How does Gardyn revolutionize home gardens?

Welcome to Gardyn, where urban meets nature. Our hydroponic innovations are growing and they’re here to revolutionize how you view home gardens. Say goodbye to stale produce and hello to vibrant flowers and food that are sustainable, nutrient packed, and above all, delicious. Join us on our quest to introduce nature into urban environments with […]

How To Grow Your Own Vegetables With An Indoor Aquaponics System?

If you’re looking for ways to reconnect with the food that nourishes you, reduce your environmental impact, and eat healthier, nutrient-rich food, then growing an indoor vegetable garden is for you! Not only is growing vegetables with an indoor aquaponics system more sustainable, but it actually produces bigger, healthier plants than traditional gardening or farming […]