5 ways Gardyn makes meal prep easier

Published Apr 20, 2021

It seems like we’re rethinking everything these days. From how to gather with friends to how we get our food, it’s easy to get a twinge of overwhelm when it comes to meal prep and planning healthy dishes.

Never fear, the Gardyn team is here with 5 meal prep hacks that will take you from dreading dinner to dominating flavors everybody will love.

#1 - Find a style of cooking that suits you and your lifestyle

So many cultures, so little time. From spicy Latin cuisine to rich Mediterranian flavors paired with loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, discovering a food preparation style that ignites your tastebuds can take some experimenting. A quick search by cuisine, dish type, ingredient, or food prep preference on Food 52 will reveal an endless list of tasty recipes.

That takes care of me, but what about my picky eaters?

The Honest Company contributor, green chef, and health advocate, Juli Novotny encourages parents to resist forcing kids to try new fruits and veggies.

“Keep trying. Ask them over and over,” says Juli of making healthy food fun for her kids. Nobody is perfect and perfection isn’t our goal. Doing our best. Experimenting. Learning. Encouraging. It’s always a great idea to step out of the box and our comfort zones, opening our minds to new things.”

An engaging and beautiful way to connect with nature, Gardyn entices all ages to touch and taste.

"We are quite pleased with the progress our [Gardyn] has made over the past month. Our main goal of inspiring our 5-year-old with it also achieved - he enjoys checking it daily!"

#2 - Prep? What prep?

Say goodbye to time spent washing, slicing, and dicing produce after a grocery visit. No prepping is necessary with Gardyn. Simply harvest when you need it and leave the rest for later, giving you more memorable moments to hang with friends and family.

Simply snip when you need it and leave the rest!

#3 - Write down simple concoctions

Don’t discount the meals you throw together on a Wednesday night. Take notes about what you liked about your dish in your very own Gardyn Cookbook. Creating a diary of good eats can be as simple as a blank recycled notebook or as fancy as adding your instructions into a custom template from Canva.

Examples of free custom templates from Canva.

#4 - Use a “guest-imator”

It’s easy to over buy at the grocery store, especially if you’re hosting a party. 

Curb impulse purchases with a “Guest-imator”. The NRDC’s (Natural Resources Defense Council) campaign to combat food waste Savethefood.com, has a handy interactive dinner party calculator that helps hosts estimate how much food is needed for any size gathering. 

Say goodbye to overspending. Add your guest list to the Guest-imator and estimate how much food you really need.

#5 - Chip away at unnecessary expenses and resources

In a 2020 article, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service found that Americans are spending more time in food-related activities compared to a decade ago. On average we spend 46 minutes a week at the grocery store to select food to 88.2 minutes on food prep and clean up (source).

Producing 8 – 10 pounds of produce a month, having a Gardyn in your life also saves you $40 a month on produce, allowing you to cut back on expenses and add a little extra time to your life.

Want an added bonus? Shopping seasonal produce has never been easier as Gardyn is “in season” year-round. Plus, shopping from your own personal farmer’s market means less time in the car and less resources used (think plastic bags and twist ties).

At Gardyn, believe it is urgent we rediscover what food should be about: fresh, tasty, nutritious, easily accessible — and grown in a sustainable manner, every day. At Gardyn, we are reimagining the future of food for the better, for everyone.

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