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2022 in Review

Published Dec 29, 2022

New products, new plants, and stats on how our community is collectively helping the environment

2022 has been a year filled with many ups and downs and has kept us very busy here at Gardyn.

We’ve seen our community double in size, sharing tips, recipes, and our favorite – beautiful pictures of fresh produce grown. In addition to fueling healthy households, we were able to bring new products and plants to our customers this year. 

The launch of Sunflowers marked the beginning of our year. These flowers not only provide year-round beauty in the home, but also represent hope and unity.


After over a year of product development, we were proud to bring Microgreens to our customers in a “bite-size” form – the easiest way to get your daily dose of superfood. Gardyn Microgreens contain a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals, and bioactive compounds compared to their mature plant counterparts. Who doesn’t love that?


We rounded out our new accessories with the launch of Hydroboost, a plant-based water treatment that lowers pH, balances plant nutrients, and reduces the need for more intensive Gardyn cleanings. We also launched the Gardyn Vase, bringing the beauty of Gardyn to all areas of your home. The Gardyn vase is uniquely designed to fit a Gardyn yPod with colors inspired by the rich hues of our plant portfolio.

Let’s not forget about the comeback of Bare Root Strawberries! Sourced from an organic strawberry farm in the U.S., you can now enjoy pesticide-free strawberries year-round!


The most notable launch this year was the Gardyn Home 3.0, just in time for the holiday season. Gardyn Home 3.0 takes Gardyn’s award-winning technology to the next level in many areas: easier to assemble and clean, more durable, and even more elegant to grow indoors.


With all this being said, our most exciting accomplishment is the impact that our Gardyner community has collectively had on our environment. At Gardyn, we want a world where communities grow their own food from the highest quality of seeds, 100% pesticide-free, full of nutrients, and grown in a sustainable way to have no impact on the environment – and we’re doing it. Together we made a real change and look forward to doing even better in 2023!

2022 Sustainability Stats

We’re proud of these stats and wanted to put them into more context for you:  

  • Enough water saved to equal the amount of water that 50,000 US households use every day 
  • Enough produce grown to fill over 5 Boeing 737 aircrafts
  • The CO2 emissions saved are equivalent to over 40,000 cars driving for one day
  • Enough pesticides were saved to fill two residential swimming pools

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