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Rosemary is native to the Mediterranean region and Asia, and gets its name from Latin “ros marinus” or “dew of the sea”. Rosemary was considered sacred to ancient Egyptians,  Romans, and Greeks.
Produces small, fragrant leaves and flowers in beautiful shades of white, blue, and purple. Beyond its aesthetics, rosemary helps deter pests and acts as a natural sentinel in your Gardyn.


Care & Harvest:

Days to Sprout: 15 – 25 days

Matures In: 42 days

Taste it For: 1 – 50 weeks

• Wait until branches are at least 8” long before harvesting.

• Cut off last 1/4 section of branch, leaving behind 3/4 to continue growing.

• Strip or pluck leaves from harvested branch for immediate use, or to store refrigerated for up to two weeks.

• For long term storage (up to 1 year), hang harvested branches to dry for 10 days before stripping the leaves.

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