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Italian Parsley


Parsley was cultivated since ancient times by Greeks and Romans, but was traditionally used as a medicinal herb and not used in culinary dishes until later. An herb with bright and flat leaves, Parsley contains the flavonoids and terpenes limonene and myristicin, in addition to being high in phosphorus and calcium. It also has been shown to have anti-hyperlipidemia qualities.


Care & Harvest:

Days to Sprout: 10 – 30 days

Matures In: 70-90 days

Taste it For: 30 – 50 days

Parsley is related to cilantro and grows similarly. Harvest parsley leaves as soon as the plant is producing enough to leave some behind and continue growth. Harvest until the plant flowers, after which time the leaves become bitter. Remove stalks and strip leaves as needed- the plant will continue to grow as its “grazed” on. Leave behind a section of the stalk with leaves for it to continue growing, or harvest the whole stalk and hang for 7-14 days until dry, if incorporating the parsley into an herbal blend.

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