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Green Mustard


Considered by some to be a ‘superfood’ mustard greens are nutrient-packed.

-High in fiber.

-High nutrition to calorie ratio.

-High in phytonutrients.

-Extremely high in vitamin K.

-High in vitamin A and C.

-Good source of manganese, calcium, and iron.


Care & Harvest:

Days to sprout: 5 – 10 days

Matures in: 21 days baby; 40 days full size

Taste it for: 4 – 8 weeks 

  • Mustard needs little care and will do well untended as long as it receives the necessary water supply. 
  • Harvest when the leaves are young to ensure the freshest flavor and prevent the leaves from getting tough. 
  • Cut the whole plant about an inch above the base or snip off outer leaves from the plant, and then leave it to continue growing. 
  • Discard any yellow leaves that you find on the plant. 
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