Vacation Mode: A Game Changer for Gardyning

Published Jul 2, 2021

If you grow your own food, whether indoors or outdoors, eventually, you face a problem.

What happens when you are away from home for more than a couple of days?

It might not be your fault if you return to dead or dying plants, but it is disappointing to throw out food that days earlier was the picture of health and flavor.

Now imagine going on vacation and returning home without being concerned that your garden has perished while you were relaxing in the sunshine. Vacation Mode with Gardyn is a game-changer and gives you the freedom to push the pause button on growing fresh food while you’re away.

Let’s start with how Gardyn grows on a daily basis, then we’ll talk about the genius of Vacation Mode.

The combination of three technological breakthroughs guides our hybriponic™ system:

#1LED lights provide plants with the perfect light they need all day in any type of location. Gardyn’s LED lights provide the right amount of light the plants need for optimal growth. Adjust the schedule and intensity of light to adapt to your lifestyle.

#2 – The latest hybriponic innovations developed by Gardyn along with researchers at McGill University allow us to grow plants vertically without soil, and totally change the scale and volume at which we can grow produce.

This also means no clumpy roots as air and nutrient circulation act as an optimal base in yCubes for root systems to stay separated. This approach allows the plant to flourish while constantly cycling out fresh new plants individually.

#3 – Machine vision and our Smart Gardyning Assistant Kelby make it possible to have the best “gardyner” tending our crops 24 hours a day. Cameras and sensors are Kelby’s eyes to analyze the plants’ development and optimize their growth.

Now, let’s activate Vacation Mode...

At the tap of a button on your Gardyn app you have the power to automatically reduce the light and water schedule to slow plant growth and conserve resources while you are away.

Before leaving – simply harvest/trim any large plants, clean your tank, top off with fresh water and plant food and it’s bon voyage!

(Note: if you are not returning within two weeks, you should have someone visit to add more water. We’re good, but we’re not that good… yet.)

Want a more scientific explanation of Vacation Mode?

Plants use two methods of metabolism to thrive:

#1Photosynthesis – The way plants take energy from sunlight to make their own food.

#2 – Respiration – Just like human beings, plants breathe. Carbon dioxide travels through small holes in the leaves of plants called stomata.

When plants grow outside, photosynthesis dominates respiration meaning plants are in a constant cycle of growth based on the availability of sunlight. When you activate Vacation Mode on your Gardyn, the hybriponic™ system is autonomous and plays with the necessary metabolism to preserve the plant for many weeks. Controlled pulses of light are given to the plant allowing it to ramp up growth just enough to stay alive and thrive, but not too much, positioning the system in a slow-motion state.

The exciting part about Vacation Mode is it’s designed to optimize growth while you’re away.

Plants keep growing but at a slower rate so they are still fresh and healthy when you return home, ready for the dinner table.

There’s a couple of other benefits to Vacation Mode:

  • Even though Gardyn typically uses very little power, Vacation Mode requires even less plus saves water.
  • You can always check in on your plants by viewing them through your app. Kelby monitors your plant growth whether you are at home or on vacation.
  • Plant growth seamlessly accelerates back to the previous rate when you get home.

At Gardyn, we are pushing innovation to the next level. We are making it possible for everyone to enjoy indoor vertical gardens that take care of themselves and provide for large quantities of amazingly tasty and nutritious produce (even when you’re not at home).

We are imagining a world where food can grow all year round on a very small footprint (only two square feet)! While growing produce will never be foolproof, as nature is sometimes finicky, we’ve set out to make it as easy, reliable, and convenient as possible to have healthy and delicious food always within arm’s reach.

From crazy busy modern cities to the most remote spaces – Gardyn is at the ready 24/7 to bring health, nature, and harmony to your life.

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