Top 5 Gardyn Plants

Published Jun 28, 2022

Wondering what Gardyners are growing? Here's a list of our top 5 favorite plants grown by Gardyners.


Gardyn’s most popular plant, Romaine is an easy-to-grow, universally loved lettuce. Crunchy and mild in flavor, it’s popular in salads and sandwiches and works great in place of tortillas for lettuce wraps. Harvest individual leaves as needed or wait for a whole head to throw on the grill for a grilled caesar salad.


The secret to leveling up any dish is a sprinkle of fresh herbs. A workhorse in the kitchen, Cilantro is popular in Mediterranean, Asian, European, Central, and South American cuisines. Great for reducing inflammation, try tossed in a stir fry, whipped into a salad dressing, or, of course, in guacamole. 


Cooling and crunchy cucumbers make an excellent snack (as we know from our lunch box days), sliced into circles or spears and dipped in just about anything. Pickle or add to any Mediterranean-style dish for a cool burst next to grilled and spicy flavors.


Sweet, crunchy and light in flavor, Buttercrunch is a perfect base for any salad. Try a green goddess salad with avocado, chives and croutons or fill with sautéed chicken, cabbage and carrots and drizzle with a sesame soy sauce dressing. 

Cherry Tomatoes

Having cherry tomatoes on hand at all times is a major help in the flavor department. Toss into pasta or top off a pizza to add freshness. Roasted with herbs they refrigerate well and can be tossed into any scramble, fish, yogurt, or salad. Kids love watching the miniatures form and plucking straight from the vine for a juicy snack.

What are your favorite Gardyn plants? Tag us on Instagram @GardynTech and #GardynGrown to share your bounty!

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