Tips for new Gardyners

Published May 27, 2021

Congrats on your new Gardyn! Here are five ways to get you excited for your new arrival and a few tips to keep in your tool belt as you navigate through the first few weeks of being a plant parent and Gardyner.

#1 - Be patient.

We realize this is easier said than done. The exciting part about growing in your own home, is watching the process of your food going from seed to plate in a matter of weeks! On the road to fresh and tasty greens, because you’re working with living things, there will be some unexpected moments to navigate through.

Not to worry! 

You have customer support, the Gardyn Plant Book, Help Center, and blog to support, encourage, and inspire you.

#2 - Dive into the Plant Book

The Gardyn Plant Book is ripe with detailed information about each plant’s germination time, origin, physical qualities, and suggestions for care and harvesting. You will also find creative ways to use your plants in meals, teas, and homeopathic tips.

Not sure how or where to put your plants on your Gardyn? We’ve got a placement guide of suggestions for where to pop your yCubes.

#3 - Browse the Help Center

Find anything and everything that has to do with tending to your Gardyn in the Help Center. From Getting Started with Set Up to Plant Food Usage, diving into the Help Center is the ultimate resource to mastering your Gardyn at home. 

#4 - Kelby

Our tech is pretty impressive. And Kelby, your personal Gardyn Assistant, is at the ready with helpful tips and ideas on using your Gardyn, including plant care. Kelby will also let you know when to refill your water tank and reminders about when members can order free monthly yCubes. Easy-breezy!

#5 - Get inspired with Gardyn Exclusive Recipes

In no time, you will start harvesting nutritious, and flavorful fruits, herbs, and vegetables from your Gardyn… so what can you do with it?

We love bringing you recipes inspired by our favorite chefs and featuring Gardyn exclusive meals that are easy to prepare and boast flavors you’re going to dream about later…

Food writer, chef, and entrepreneur, Katie McCall serves up creative ways to use your freshly snipped herbs, fruits, and veggies.

Our mission at Gardyn: Help everyone have a healthy lifestyle, sustainably.

The most important part of having a Gardyn in your life is to have fun while growing pure, delicious and healthy food is within arm’s reach. 

Creating micromoments for connection – at home and beyond, reestablishes a human connection with nature. To see the source of your food from seedling to harvest is remarkable, and you’ve got a front row seat on this great journey to grow healthy and live tasty.

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