Taking Control of Your Health and Nutrition Starts with Your Food

Published Oct 19, 2020

It may be an understatement to say that we live in uncertain times. Any doubt of this fact was erased with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. Quarantines, social distancing, masks, mass layoffs, and empty grocery store shelves were new experiences for nearly every American. Many families had to confront the virus head on and that was an even bigger challenge. 

The Problems COVID Exposed

The events of the past six months have also exposed weaknesses in our society that many people didn’t notice or failed to recognize how problematic they could be when a national crisis descended upon us. Food security was an abstract term to many people when they could go to a restaurant anytime they wished and the grocery stores were always fully stocked. Once you see empty store shelves you cannot forget that experience and what it means for your family. 

Then there is health. Everyone recognizes that health is the most precious thing we have in life. With COVID, many have had a strong reminder of the immediate risks of poor health. The likelihood that you will have problems with COVID is much higher if you are unhealthy. We need to take this very seriously. 

And, many people have had to consider for the first time the value of social bonds. Whether that is family, friends, work colleagues, or members of your community, the bonds we forge with others and our frequent interactions with them make a profound difference in our lives. Once we could no longer gather together it became abundantly clear the importance of social connections should not be taken for granted. 

A New Perspective

The pandemic has caused grief and struggle throughout the world. I believe it has also introduced new attitudes that will change the way so many of us live our lives. We are not done with this yet. However, as we emerge I am hearing from friends, family, and colleagues that they have new priorities and perspectives. Many are committing to live more deliberate and intentional lives.

We started Gardyn years before the pandemic because it was already clear that we collectively needed to reimagine how we grow our food and access it. COVID has made this mission even more urgent. It has exposed how fragile our current food supply systems are today and the immediate implications of poor nutrition in our diets. The entire Gardyn team is proud to be playing a role in helping so many people through these difficult times. By working together and innovating we are convinced that our entire planet can emerge from this pandemic period stronger and in a position to shape a better future for us all. .

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