Flower Pressing Party

Pressed flowers

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to surround yourself and the mothers in your life with fresh flowers! Gather up the moms in your life (and those who appreciate them!) for an afternoon filled with fragrant blooms and pretty petals. In this hands-on application the life and colors of the flowers are pressed between paper, leaving a delicate vignette.

How to Throw a Pizza Party

In honor of National Pizza Day, we thought we’d give you the low-down on throwing your own Pizza Party. With a Gardyn brimming with ingredients, dough picked up at the store, and endless combinations, it’s a good time and a good meal for all ages.

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Use Cucumbers

Our Gardyners asked – and we listened! This month’s new plant release contained 🎉 CUCUMBERS! Sure, it’s obviously the missing link that brings an unforgettable fresh crunch to any salad, but there’s so much more you can do with the water-packed Cucumis sativus…