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More Heroic Herbs for Your Gardyn: Rosemary, Mexican Tarragon, and Sweet Thai Basil

Published Jun 24, 2020

It’s always a good time to add new flavors to your food and nothing does that better than tasty and aromatic herbs. This is especially true right now as more people are cooking at home. Gardyn is answering the need by introducing three new herbs to our plant portfolio today. You can now order Rosemary, Mexican Tarragon, and Sweet Thai Basil from the Gardyn mobile app. 


Rosemary produces small, fragrant leaves and flowers in beautiful shades of white, blue, and purple. Beyond its aesthetics, rosemary helps deter pests and acts as a natural sentinel in your Gardyn. It is better known for its piney astringent flavor and aroma similar to tea and charred wood. It is best used as seasoning for savory foods or meats or prepared as an herbal tea. Blend with oregano and thyme as the foundation for a simple herbal seasoning.

The popular herb is native to the Mediterranean region and Asia and gets its name from Latin “ros marinus” or “dew of the sea.” Rosemary was considered sacred to ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. The leaves have little nutritional value, but its fragrant oils and phytochemicals are strong in antioxidant properties, could potentially lower blood sugar, and have been known to improve brain health. 

Mexican Tarragon

Mexican Tarragon was reportedly used as ritual incense by the Aztecs and as a key ingredient in a medicinal tea used by the Huichol. Also known as Winter Tarragon, this cousin of the marigold is native to Mexico and Central America. It is said to help calm nausea, include antibacterial and antifungal qualities, and even improve dreaming. 

The toothed, thin leaves share the flavor of traditional tarragon with a pleasant anise scent. Dried Mexican Tarragon leaves and flowers are edible and commonly used as a seasoning. It can be a direct substitute for French Tarragon. The flavor pairs especially well with lemon, pear, or black pepper. It can also be used as an herbal tea.

Sweet Thai Basil

Sweet Thai Basil is ubiquitous in Vietnamese and Thai cuisine and is often used in pho, pad thai, and curry dishes. A variety of Sweet Basil, Thai Basil is commonly found in Southeast Asia and boasts a slightly spicy anise flavor. Because of the intense flavor, it is sometimes called Anise Basil or Licorice Basil. 

Fresh leaves can be added to traditional Vietnamese and Thai dishes for incredible flavor. You can also substitute it for Genovese Basil to add a subtle licorice flavor to your traditional dishes. The flowers are edible too and can serve as a beautiful garnish in coolers or mixed drinks.

Thai Basil contains the vitamins K, A, and C, the minerals magnesium, calcium, iron, and potassium, and the terpenes beta-carotene and eugenol. Beta-carotene and eugenol have been known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Bountiful Taste from Gardyn

Gardyn now offers more than 30 varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. We also have empty yCubes so you can use your own seeds if you have a favorite plant that we do not offer today. This enables every Gardyner to customize their experience to their own taste. 

In addition, our team is constantly testing new varieties. Last month we brought you Cardinale lettuce, Swiss Chard, and Watercress. In April we introduced five flower varieties. If you have a favorite that you would like us to consider adding to the plant portfolio, feel free to let us know at or on Facebook or Instagram. 

Look here for more new varieties throughout 2020. Until then, grow healthy and live tasty. 

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