How Gardyn Provides Food Security

Published Feb 25, 2022

When it comes to our basic needs, food and water are top of the list. We (literally) can't live without them. Having security when it comes to our food is crucial, especially in this time of rising food costs, droughts, snowstorms, and an ongoing pandemic.

We’ve seen stores full of empty shelves and produce displays, a sad piece of lettuce on the floor is the only sign of life. It’s a bleak and depressing place to walk into and one that causes a lot of justified worry. 

According to the USDA, in 2021, the price of food eaten at home increased 3.5%, while the cost of eating out increased 3.9%.

In December of 2021, inflation rose 7% compared to 2020. The pandemic has also fueled rapid increases. Even fast food, the least expensive option for many with strapped budgets, has gone up, making it unaffordable for many

Having control over your food source provides reliability, control, and, in the case of Gardyn, actually saves you money.

“I was disgusted with the quality and price of produce in the grocery stores, and after extensive research and number crunching I decided on the Gardyn. I purchased at the end of Oct 2021 and started my indoor gardening journey about a week later. It’s a rewarding and meditative experience as I tend my Gardyn every day. I’m grateful to the people of the company for designing such a wonderful frame for my live botanical art, and for providing customer support, especially during these trying times.”
-Gardyner Diana from San Francisco. 

Take Gardyner and youtube vlogger Lan Huynh’s breakdown comparing the cost of a Gardyn to the cost of shopping at the grocery store. Using butterhead lettuce as an example, in the first year alone, not only will the money saved cover the entire cost of the Gardyn 2.0 purchased, she estimates you will save an additional $72 versus shopping at the grocery store. In year two, Lan calculates $142.50 to grow and maintain her Gardyn, while the same amount of butterhead lettuce purchased from her local grocery store will cost $939 (a savings of $796.50).

In the years following, your savings will grow exponentially as food prices continue to skyrocket. Not to mention knowing the food you are growing is free of pesticides and has more nutritional value. Many Gardyners rely on their Gardyns to provide them with the food they need to support compromised immune systems. Others in remote places with short produce windows (e.g., Alaska) can eat fresh year-round.

Anxiety is universal when it comes to a lack of food security and rapid inflation. As the food systems we’re used to become less reliable, having control over your food source becomes indispensable. When you become your food source, you know you’ll have fresh, nutritious food all year long.

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